11 percent of patients suspected to be negative in antigen test infected with RT-PCR test

  • in country Corona virus There are daily fluctuations in cases of epidemics.

    Ministry of Health Emphasis is being laid on rapid antigen test (RAT) in the states to increase the number of Tests, but now Delhi Shocking facts about the RAT have been revealed.

    The infection has been confirmed in RT-PCR tests conducted between 1 and 7 November of about 11 percent of suspected patients who are negative in RAT in Delhi.

  • What are rapid antigen tests?

  • Like the RT-PCR test, the antigen test also shows whether the corona virus is present in the suspect’s body.

    Although the RT-PCR test examines the presence of genetic material of the corona virus in a sample taken from a person’s nose or throat, the presence of a protein present above or inside the corona virus in the RAT is examined. . This method results in 30 minutes.

  • 3,524 suspected patients confirmed infection

  • News18 According to PTI In the information sought under the Right to Information (RTI) by the RK reporter, Delhi Health Department officials said that reports of 56,862 suspected patients in the RAT test were negative.

    After this, all RT-PCR tests were done, out of which 3,524 suspected patients of corona infection were confirmed.

    This report of the Ministry has raised the concern of the authorities and they are busy in detecting the contacts of the infected.

  • This is the status of RAT and RT-PCR test in Delhi

  • In September, the RT-PCR test had a positivity rate of 20.97 percent in Delhi and a positive rate of 4.77 percent for the RAT test. Similarly in October, the RT-PCR test had a positivity rate of 16.76 percent and RAT’s 4.58 percent.

    Similarly, in the test conducted from 1 to 7 November, the positivity rate of RT-PCR test was 27.2 percent and RAT was 8.16 percent. This information from the ministry has raised questions on the RAT.

  • Experts warn of false negative report in RAT test

  • After the introduction of RAT in July last, experts warned of false negative reports in it.

    Experts said that a negative report can come even after symptoms in RAT. In this, more people can be examined simultaneously, but its negative report is not completely accurate.

    After this, the Ministry of Health had advised the states to conduct RT-PCR test of negative visitors in RAT.

  • Hence the states that are giving antigen tests

  • Antigen tests can change the entire picture of the corona virus graph of any city or state due to showing a negative negative.

    Since some positives are missed on performing antigen tests, that is why the number of official cases starts decreasing in the states where more antigen tests are done.

    The test positive rate also starts to decrease due to more tests. Most of the states are doing antigen test due to these two advantages.

  • This is the condition of corona infection in Delhi and India

  • India In the past, 36,011 new cases of infection with corona virus were reported and 482 patients died. in country Number of total infected 96,44,222. Of these, 1,40,182 people have died. The number of active cases has come down to 4,03,248.

    The number of corona infected in Delhi has gone up to 5,89,544. Of these 9,574 people have died, 5,53,292 have been cured and 26,678 are active cases.

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