22 years later: America enters Israel with the help of Israel and kills Al Qaeda kingpin

The US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were attacked in 1998 by the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, which the US has retaliated after 22 years. Israel helped America in this. 224 people were killed in the horrific Al Qaeda attack on the US envoy. Abu Mohammed was considered the mastermind of this attack.

On behalf of the US, Israeli intelligence agency Mossad personnel killed al-Qaeda number two Abu Mohammed al-Masri, hiding in the Iranian capital Tehran, on the anniversary of this attack. During this time, Al-Qaeda leader Osama was also killed without Laden’s daughter-in-law.

Al-Qaeda attacked the US embassy in 1998

According to a New York Times report, 58-year-old Abu Mohammed alias Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, the second-ranking leader of Al Qaeda, was shot dead along with his daughter on the streets of Tehran on August 7. It is believed that the secret squad of the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad, has been executed for the return of America. The horrific attack on the US embassy in the African country of Kenya and Tanzania on August 9, 1998 killed 224 people and injured thousands.

Abu Mohammed was a million dollar reward terrorist

The US investigative agency FBI announced a reward of one million dollars on Al Qaeda leader Abu Mohammed. Neither the US nor Iran nor Israel have publicly accepted it since the execution in August. It is not yet clear what role the US played in the assassination of Abu Mohammed, but the US is believed to have monitored every activity of the terrorist living in Iran for so many years.

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