You Have Less Than 6 Hours”: Rahul Gandhi Tweets Arun Jaitley On Rafale”

In the forward and in reverse completed the Rafale stream deal, Rahul Gandhi today introduced a tart refresh on Finance Minister Arun Jaitley with six hours left in his 24-hour due date to set up an all-party authorities’ board.

Rahul Gandhi had revealed the 24-hour challenge as needs be to¬†Arun Jaitley’s 15 questions¬†for the Congress in a Facebook post pointing the finger at Rahul Gandhi for “selling lie” on the Rafale contender fly plan.

The previous evening, the Congress president had tested Mr Jaitley to call a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) into what he called the “extensive Rafale burglary”. He said he would sit tight for a response for 24 hours.

The Congress president, in his tweet, in like manner ambushed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Anil Ambani, without naming the Reliance Group official. He pointed the finger at PM Modi for “guaranteeing his partner”.

At the focal point of this political line is the arrangement for 36 Rafale planes from France’s Dassault Aviation. The Congress claims bad behaviours going from the choice of a private firm and cost overwhelms to absence of straightforwardness in discharging better points of interest of the arrangement.