Aam Aadmi Party accused, BJP goons attacked Manish Sisodia’s house. Newsbaits

  • In the absence of Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, a sensational case of some people being attacked at his house has come to light.

    The shocking thing is that Sisodia and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) themselves have blamed the BJP for this.

    Sisodia and AAP say BJP goons forcibly entered her house and tried to attack the family. However, the BJP has denied the allegations.

  • Dozens of people entered Manish Sisodia’s house

    Dozens of people entered Manish Sisodia's house
  • Actually, Manish Sisodia went out for some work on Thursday. During this afternoon, a crowd of dozens of youth reached his house and forcibly entered the house in the presence of security personnel standing outside.

    During this time he also tried to attack Sisodia’s wife and children, but at the same time the police used force and drove them away. The shocking thing is that even in the presence of the police, the mob entered the house.

  • Manish Sisodia blamed BJP for sharing video

  • In the evening, Manish Sisodia accused the BJP of sharing a video of the incident on Twitter.

    He wrote, ‘Today BJP goons broke into my house in my absence and broke in and tried to attack my wife’s children. Amit Shah ji, if you lost in politics in Delhi today, will you deal with us in this way?

    The video shows the mob forcibly entering the house in the presence of the police.

  • Twitter post

    Watch the video of the event here

  • Chief Minister Kejwariwal condemned the incident

  • Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has strongly condemned the incident. He tweeted, ‘I strongly condemn the organized and violent attack on Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia’s house. While he was away, the goons barged into his house in the presence of the police. Why is BJP getting so desperate in Delhi? ‘

    He further wrote, ‘Rajnathji, don’t you think that a violent attack on the residence of the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi is wrong in the presence of the police?’

  • AAP spokesperson accuses police

  • In the case, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj alleged that the police did not prevent the BJP ‘goons’ from entering Sisodia’s residence and also removed the barricading around the house.

    AAP leader Atishi Marlena said, “It is a dark day in the political history of Delhi that the Union Home Minister is using his party goons and police to attack the family of Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.”

  • Police arrested six accused in the case

  • In the case, the Delhi Police says that they have not helped those who entered Manish Sisodia’s house. The police had taken out the people who entered the house

    On the complaint of Sisodia’s secretary Arvind, a case of assault by entering the house has been registered.

    Police have so far arrested six people in the case. Apart from this, the arrest of other accused is also being punished.

  • BJP denied the allegations

  • Delhi BJP vice-president Ashok Goyal Devraha has denied all the allegations in the case.

    He said that AAP leaders are trying to divert attention from the ‘conspiracy’ to kill BJP mayors and other corporation leaders.

    “We demonstrated outside Sisodia’s residence to make it clear that BJP workers are capable of responding to every kind of challenge,” he said. Due to this, they are being accused.

  • BJP workers staged a protest near Sisodia’s residence

  • Explain that the Delhi unit of the BJP on Wednesday filed a police complaint against Sisodia and AAP leader Durgesh Pathak, alleging that they were killing the leaders of BJP-ruled municipal corporations indefinitely in protest over the demand for payment of arrears from the Kejriwal government. Of ‘conspiracy’.

    On Thursday, BJP workers staged a sit-in near Sisodia’s house.

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