Adopt these home remedies and remove cockroaches from home in a few minutes

  • No one likes cockroaches to be in the house, because they bring many diseases with them.

    However, many people also try many remedies to wipe them out of the house, some of which have a gradual effect or some remedies become ineffective.

    So today we are going to tell some such home remedies, which if adopted for a few days, cockroaches will be removed from your house.

  • The aroma of bay leaves is necessary

  • The smell of bay leaves is very pungent. Although it has no effect on humans, its aroma is enough to drive away cockroaches.

    In the corner of the house where there are cockroaches, mash them well and spread some leaves of bay leaves.

    By doing this the cockroaches will run away from that place, but if there is more outbreak of cockroaches in your house, keep changing the leaves from time to time.

  • Boric powder is of great use

  • Boric is a chemical compound, the powder of which is used to remove cockroaches away from home.

    Sprinkle boric powder at the place where the cockroach kept his hoard.

    But disperse it only when there are no small children or pets in the house, because it can harm them. So take some care when using boric powder.

  • Baking powder and sugar mixture

  • Baking powder and sugar, often used in food, can also be used to remove cockroaches from home.

    Just mix equal quantity of baking powder and sugar in a bowl and sprinkle it on the cockroach area.

    Cockroaches are attracted by the sweet taste of sugar. At the same time, baking powder serves to kill cockroaches. So this recipe can be quite useful for you.

  • Cockroaches will run from cloves

  • Normally you must have used cloves as a toothache or as a food flavor, but you can also use cloves to remove cockroaches from home.

    Actually, the aroma of cloves is not liked by cockroaches, due to which they shy away from it.

    So there are cockroaches in your place of house, give two to three cloves of cloves there. By doing this you will soon get rid of cockroaches.

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