After Pfizer, Serum Institute Approves Emergency Use of Corona Vaccine in the Country

  • Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII) on Sunday being prepared by AstraZeneca-Oxford University Corona virus Has applied for approval for the emergency use of the vaccine.

    SII entered into an agreement with AstraZeneca-Oxford University for the trial and production of this vaccine.

    SII states that this vaccine is safe and can be used.

    Let me tell you, before this Pfizer India has also made a similar application.

  • The company gave the figures for the trials of four countries

  • If the SII vaccine is approved for emergency use, it will be the first potential vaccine to be tested. India Are made in

    Official sources said that SII has provided data on each clinical trial conducted in the United Kingdom (UK), India and Brazil in the application.

    Based on these, the company has said that this vaccine is highly effective against symptomatic and severe cases of corona virus.

  • Company claims – Vaccine is completely safe

  • In India, this vaccine of AstraZeneca-Oxford is being known as Kovishield. The company has written in the application that this vaccine is completely safe and can be used to protect a group of people from corona infection.

  • Volunteer involved in the trial raised questions

  • For information, let us know that the third phase of this vaccine is being tried in different parts of the country.

    Apart from this, trials have also taken place in Brazil and the UK.

    Recently, a volunteer from Chennai claimed that he had become seriously ill after taking this vaccine dose.

    However, these from SII and the government Denial of charges it was done.

  • What were the results of the vaccine trial?

    What were the results of the vaccine trial?
  • AstraZeneca recently announced the results of a final phase trial of their vaccine.

    These results, released after the 131 people involved in the trial were found to be infected, found the vaccine to be 70.4 percent effective on average.

    According to the company, the vaccine was found to be 90 percent effective in the group of 2,800 people with first half dose and then full dose, and 62 percent in the group of 8,900 people with both full doses.

  • Trouble will not come in Kovishield’s storage

  • Unlike Pfizer’s vaccine, Kovishield’s storage is extremely easy.

    Pfizer’s vaccine needs to be stored at a temperature of -70 ° C. This level of cold chain is not present in India at present. Due to this, it is difficult to transport it to remote villages.

    In comparison, the covishield can be stored at 2–8 ° C. In this case, its storage will be easy, which will work to reduce the challenges.

  • Prime Minister Modi visited the SII plant

    Prime Minister Modi visited the SII plant
  • Recently, Prime Minister Modi visited the SII plant. During this time, he took information related to the production of vaccine.

    Speaking to the media after the visit, SII chief Adar Poonawalla said that there was a detailed discussion with the Prime Minister on the vaccine.

    During this time he said that the company would soon approve the emergency use of the vaccine Will apply And on getting the green signal, its distribution in India will be started.

  • “The government did not demand a dose in writing”

  • Poonawala also stated that he has not yet received anything in writing as to how many doses the government will buy from SII, but there are indications that by July 2021, 30 to 40 crore doses can be purchased.

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