Agriculture Law: Many JJP MLAs in support of farmers, demand withdrawal of law from Center

  • Deputy Chief Minister of Haryana till now regarding agricultural laws Dushyant Chautala Silence is tight, but their Jannayak Janata Party The seven JJP MLAs have come out in support of the farmers.

    They central government Has demanded withdrawal of these laws. The JJP has a total of 10 MLAs and is supporting the BJP to run the government.

    Significantly, there is increasing pressure on the JJP to take a stand on the laws continuously.

  • Given the sensitivity of the issue, the law should be withdrawn – Gautam

    Given the sensitivity of the issue, the law should be withdrawn - Gautam
  • JJP MLA Ram Kumar Gautam from Narnaund FarmerThe newest MLAs are in support of these.

    He has demanded Prime Minister Modi to withdraw these laws.

    Gautam said that the farmer is the provider of the country. Given the sensitivity of the issue, Prime Minister Modi should withdraw this law. People of all castes and religions have settled on the borders of Delhi. It would be wrong if laws against their sentiments are continued.

  • “Why are farmers imposing laws if they are not needed?”

  • 74-year-old Gautam said that the Center and the Manohar Lal government say that this law is for the good of the farmers.

    Gautam asked that if this is the case then why are these laws being imposed? If farmers do not need these laws then why are they being imposed? What is the compulsion of the central government?

    Ramanivas, an MLA from Narwana before Gautam, also supported the farmers.

  • MLA ready to leave post if needed – Ramnivas

  • Ramnivas has also said to leave the legislature in support of the farmers. He said that he would participate in a khap panchayat to be held in Narwana on Monday. If the need arises, they are ready to give up membership of the assembly in support of the farmers.

  • Agricultural law

    These MLAs have also supported the farmers

    These MLAs have also supported the farmers
  • Apart from Gautam and Ramnivas, MLA from Julana Amarjeet Dhanda has also come in support of the farmers.

    He hoped that the government would end the deadlock considering the demands of the farmers.

    Along with this, JJP MLA from Guhla and senior party leader Ishwar Singh said that he is standing with the farmers. He said that the government is talking with the farmers and a solution will be found soon.

  • Sihag has rejected the post in support of farmers

  • Earlier, two more MLAs of the party Jogiram Sihag (Barwala) and Ramkaran Kala (Shahabad) have also supported the farmers.

    He also participated in a performance in September. Sihag has even turned down the post of head of the Haryana Housing Board being given by the state government in support of the farmers.

    At the same time, Anoop Dhanak, minister in the state government, has also demanded continuation of Minimum Support Price (MSP) from JJP quota.

  • Waiting for dushyant’s comment

  • Dushyant Chautala has not commented on the ongoing farmers’ protests against agricultural laws. However, his father and the party’s national president Ajay Singh Chautala asked the central government to include the MSP in law. demand Of course.

  • Cause of dispute

    What is the issue related to agricultural laws?

    What is the issue related to agricultural laws?
  • The Modi government has brought three laws to improve the agriculture sector, including making provisions for procurement outside government mandis, approving contract farming and ending the storage limit for many grains and pulses.

    Farmers of many states including Punjab and Haryana are strongly opposing these laws.

    He says that through these the government wants to get rid of mandis and the minimum support price (MSP).

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