Allahabad High Court’s big decision, said- the state cannot object to personal relationships

  • Amidst discussions of making laws in the country regarding ‘Love Jihad’ Allahabad High Court Has given an important decision.

    The court said that interfering in personal relationships would violate the right of freedom of choice of two persons.

    With this remark, the High Court has quashed the case filed against the family of a Muslim man by his wife, who adopted Islam last year to marry.

  • The background

    What is the matter?

  • The court has given this decision on a petition filed by Salamat Ansari, resident of Vishnupura police station area of ​​Kushinagar and three others.

    Actually, Salamat and Priyanka Kharwar married on August 19, 2019 against the wishes of the family. Priyanka had converted to Islam before marriage.

    Priyanka’s father had filed an FIR against Salamat in this case alleging kidnapping. Sections of the POCSO Act were also imposed in the case.

  • “We do not see Priyanka and Salamat as Hindu-Muslim”

  • Hearing the petition, the division bench of High Court Justices Pankaj Naqvi and Justice Vivek Agarwal said, “We see Priyanka Kharwar and Salamat Ansani not as Hindu-Muslims but as two adult people who, by their choice and choice, – Living happily with each other. The courts and especially the constitutional courts serve to safeguard the freedom of life granted to the person under Article 21 of the Constitution. ”

  • State cannot object to the relation of adult people- High Court

  • The High Court also said that the two youth have the right to choose a spouse of their choice. The law allows two adults to live together. Whether it is of the same or opposite sex.

    The court has made it clear in its judgment that no person or family can interfere in their peaceful life. Even the state cannot object to the relationship between two adults.

  • The importance of the decision grew amidst the discussions of ‘Love Jihad’

    The importance of the decision grew amidst the discussions of 'Love Jihad'
  • This decision of the High Court has come at a time when Uttar Pradesh, Against many BJP ruled states ‘Love Jihad’, including Madhya Pradesh and Haryana Bring law Talking about

    For information, let us know that the term ‘Love Jihad’ is used by right-wing organizations for inter-religious marriage.

    In this, they are accused of seducing or forcibly converting a woman to marry a Muslim man.

  • Central government does not accept ‘love jihad’

  • although, central government Does not accept any such terminology. The government had told Parliament that ‘Love Jihad’ is not defined in the existing laws. And no such case has come before any central agency.

  • Second case

    SIT did not find any conspiracy to investigate ‘Love Jihad’

  • On the other hand, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted to investigate the cases of ‘Love Jihad’ in Uttar Pradesh has submitted its report.

    The SIT said that in the cases it investigated, there was no conspiracy and there is no evidence that Muslim youth involved in the cases got money from abroad.

    The SIT has also denied allegations that an organization was helping these youths.

  • IG of Kanpur range was constituted by SIT

  • On complaint of leaders of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other Hindu organizations Kanpur SIT was formed by IG Mohit Aggarwal of Range.

    These leaders had alleged that under the conspiracy, Muslim youths are luring Hindu girls to convert them.

    They also alleged that these youth get money from abroad for this work and they meet girls by hiding their real identity.

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