Amid opposition, the Prime Minister enumerated the advantages of agricultural laws, said – gave new opportunities to farmers

  • Prime Minister amidst farmers’ protest against agricultural laws Narendra Modi Today released its radio program ‘mind matterI tried to convince the farmers by showing the advantages of these laws.

    He said that these laws have not only ended the old bonds of farmers, but they have also got new rights and opportunities.

    In his address, he did not speak directly on the performance of the farmers and gave examples only to show the benefits of these agricultural reforms.

  • The Prime Minister said – years old demands of farmers were met

  • Addressing the country in his program Prime Minister Modi Said, “The agricultural reforms in the past have also opened doors to new possibilities for the farmers. The demands of farmers which have been fulfilled over the years and which have been promised by every political party have been fulfilled. After much deliberation, the Parliament of India has legalized agricultural reforms. ”

  • Farmers’ troubles begin to subside in a very short time: PM

  • The Prime Minister further said, “These reforms have not only ended many bonds of farmers, but have also given them new rights and new opportunities. These new rights have started reducing the problems of farmers in a very short time. “

  • “Compulsory payment of crop within three days under law”

  • One of maharashtra Farmer Giving the example of Jitendra Bhoiji, who did not receive the arrears of his crop for four months, Prime Minister Modi said, “The new agricultural law passed in September helped Jitendra in this situation. In this law it has been decided that The farmer has to make a full payment within three days of purchasing the crop. If the payment is not made, the farmer can file a complaint. ”

  • Prime Minister said – SDM will have to settle the complaint of the farmer in a month

  • Counting these reforms as another benefit, the Prime Minister said, “There is one more big thing in the law. This law provides that the SDM of the area will have to settle the complaint of the farmer within a month. When such The power of the law was with our farmer brother, so Jitendra’s problem had to be resolved. He complained and his dues were paid within a few days.

  • Other examples

    The Prime Minister also gave an example of these two farmers

  • In his program, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned the farmer of Rajasthan, Mohammad Aslam, who is working to raise awareness among farmers. He is the CEO of a farmer production association.

    Apart from this, he also told about the benefits to farmers from better management of straw, and gave an example of Haryana’s Virendra, who is making farmers aware of management of straw.

  • Performance reason

    What is the whole matter of agricultural laws?

  • The Modi government has brought three laws to reform the agricultural sector, including making provisions for procurement outside the government mandis, approving contract farming and ending the stock limits of many grains and pulses.

    Farmers of many states including Punjab and Haryana are strongly opposing these laws. He says that through these the government wants to get rid of mandis and the minimum support price (MSP).

  • Protest

    Farmers have been on the roads since many days

  • Many states, especially those against these laws, Punjab And farmers of Haryana, since 25 November Delhi The march is out and all attempts by the Haryana Police to stop them from reaching Delhi have failed.

    Home Minister Amit Shah peacefully in front of farmers in Nirankari Samagam Maidan of Burari To perform When ready, it is also proposed to talk the next day, although the farmers Reject offer Is done.

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