Amidst opposition, the Prime Minister defended the agricultural laws, said – our intention is as holy as the Ganges

  • Farmers of Punjab and Haryana are fiercely facing new agricultural laws against Are doing and are stuck on the Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border).

    Union Home Minister Amit Shah In order to bring an end to the protests, everyone is engaged in organizing the meetings and is constantly meeting with the ministers.

    Meanwhile prime minister Narendra Modi Has once again defended the agricultural laws, saying that in these the farmers have been given new options and new legal protection.

  • Confusion is being spread among farmers about agricultural reforms: Modi

  • In the six-lane launch program of Varanasi-Prayagraj highway, Prime Minister Modi said that confusion is being spread among farmers about new agricultural laws.

    On the government’s charge of enacting an agricultural law to benefit industrialists, the Prime Minister said that he wants to stand on the banks of the Ganga and assure him that he is not acting with the intention of deceit. The intention of the central government is as holy as the waters of the Ganges.

  • The old system will not end – Modi

  • The Prime Minister said that if anyone thinks that the old system was better then the new laws do not end that system.

    He called upon the farmers to assure that the new open market system does not mean the closure of traditional mandis and the minimum support price (MSP).

    He said that agricultural reforms gave farmers new options and legal protection. Now the small farmer can also take legal action on the deal outside the market.

  • Apprehensions are being made, not decisions, but the basis of opposition – Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that now the basis of protest is not the decision but apprehensions are being made. It is said that the decision is fine, but it can happen later. These are the same people who have consistently tricked the farmers for decades.

    He said that if the mandis and the MSP were to be removed, then why would the farmers invest so much on giving them strength? His government is spending crores to modernize the mandis.

  • For some people, spreading lies has become a compulsion- Modi

  • Prime Minister Modi said that two things are natural. The first is that if the farmer remains apprehensive about the talk of governments, then there is decades of history behind it. The second is that spreading lies has become a compulsion for those who break promises and cheat.

  • Prime Minister had also defended laws in the program of Mann Ki Baat

  • The Prime Minister had also defended the agricultural laws in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program.

    He had said that agricultural laws have opened doors to new possibilities for farmers. He cited the example of Jeetendra Bhoiji, a farmer from Dhule in Maharashtra, and said that the merchant had not paid his crop in full. In such a situation, they got paid by the Agricultural Law.

    He said that under the new laws, the grievances of the farmers will be settled in a month.

  • Farmers threatened to encircle Delhi

    Farmers threatened to encircle Delhi
  • Let us know that the farmers frozen on the Singhu border, on Sunday, held talks with Home Minister Amit Shah on reaching Buradi. Turned down offer Was.

    He refused to go there, calling Buradi an open prison and blocking the government from Sonepat, Rohtak, Jaipur, Ghaziabad-Hapur and Mathura. Delhi Warning of siege.

    Home Minister Shah along with many key ministers regarding this Sit down Have also done.

  • The background

    This is why farmers are protesting against the central government

  • The farmers of Punjab and Haryana are demonstrating on a large scale about the three agricultural laws passed by the central government in the monsoon session of Lok Sabha.

    On these laws, the central government says that these will end the problems of farmers and they will be able to sell their crops anywhere.

    Here, farmers say that the laws will make them slaves to big traders and they will not even get the minimum support price (MSP).

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