Are you eating more than you need? Find out with these signs. Newsbaits

  • Food is a basic need for the body, but it is said that nothing can cause excessive damage.

    This rule also applies to food as it can affect your health if you eat more than you need.

    So today we are going to tell you some signs that tell that you are eating more than you need and after that you should be alert.

  • Feeling heavy

  • Whenever you feel a feeling of heaviness inside your body after eating and you also have trouble getting up and walking from the dinner table, then understand that you have eaten more than you need.

    This sign indicates that your digestive system is not doing its job well. In such a situation it would be better to contact a doctor.

  • Weight gain

  • This is the most obvious sign of overeating.

    If you feel your stomach getting enlarged, then understand that you are starting to eat more than you need. Also, you are not able to burn it as per your calorie intake.

    By the way, sometimes people gain weight due to some physical problems. In this case, keep an eye on how many calories you are consuming every day.

  • Having trouble breathing

  • When you eat more than you need, it can also cause you difficulty in breathing, which can be risky for you to ignore even by mistake.

    Actually, this sign indicates that your heart is not doing its job well.

    In such a situation, it would be better to contact the doctor, so that the problem can be solved in time.

  • Chest pain

  • Whenever you feel discomfort like burning sensation or pain in the chest after taking food, do not ignore it as gas.

    Feeling of such troubles in the chest is a sign and symptom of an overdose. Although most such problems indicate heart attack signs, but you do not necessarily have a heart attack, it may also be another heart related problem.

    Therefore, it is better that you pay special attention to your food intake.

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