Bigg Boss 14, Written Update: Eijaz Khan reveals he was molested in childhood, Jasmin Bhasin opens up about attempt to suicide

New Delhi: Bigg Boss on Monday changed the scene, not just for the housemates but for the viewers too! It was time to end Rubina Dilaik’s immunity and give a chance to the others. Bigg Boss announced that the contestants will get a chance to win the immunity stone, but conditions applied. The housemates have to reveal their darkest secret to win the immunity. 

Rubina goes first and delivers a shocker. The actress reveals that she and husband, co-contestant Abhinav Shukla’s marriage was at the brink of a divorce. She adds that the couple had given each other time till November. However, entering Bigg Boss has given their relationship another chance.

Next up is Eijaz Khan, who opens up about being touched inappropriately as a kid and the effect that it had on him. Eijaz also shares that he saw a therapist later in life to get over the incident. While he does not blame himself for it, because he was only a little child when it happened, he does have one regret. He regrets the fact that he could not tell his father about it.

When Eijaz exists after his confession, Kavita Kaushik hugs him to console him. 

Abhinav goes next and shares that he went into depression after his first film’s debacle at the box office. He adds that he also got bankrupt. He said that he hadn’t yet shared this with anyone, not even Rubina.

Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin reveals her struggle period and how she gave countless auditions, only to be turned down. She shared how tough the ordeal was and how all those rejections broke her self-confidence completely and she once tried to end her life. However, she regrets taking that decision now. 

Nikki Tamboli spoke about being kidnapped at the age of 19 during a modelling assignment.

Later, Kavita Kaushik opened about being molested by her math tutor. The actress added that when she narrated her ordeal to her mother, she failed to believe her.

The contestants had to decide with whose secret they were most affected with and eventually, Eijaz Khan won the immunity stone and made a place for himself in the finale. 

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