BJP will conduct special campaign in support of agricultural laws, 700 press conference and chaupal Newsbaits

  • The deadlock between the farmers and the government, which has been protesting on the border of Delhi for the last 16 days, is not stopping to demand the withdrawal of new agricultural laws. The farmers have warned of the movement across the country by rejecting the government’s proposal.

    Meanwhile, the ruling party BJP has decided to run a special campaign in support of agricultural laws from Friday. Under this, 700 press conferences and 700 chaupals will be held across the country.

  • What is the reason for opposition from farmers?

  • The farmers, who have been protesting for the past several months about the agricultural laws enacted in September, intensified their agitation from last 25 November.

    He called for a ‘Delhi Chalo’ march against the government. Farmers fear that laws allowing trade outside the APMC mandis will weaken the mandis and farmers will not even get the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Due to this the people of corporate place will exploit the farmers.

  • Farmers rejected the government’s proposal on Wednesday

  • On Wednesday, the government sent a 20-page proposal to the farmers. It talked about continuing the MSP system, making changes in the APMC Act and considering the attachment of agricultural land.

    After this in the meeting of farmer leaders in the evening Reject offer It was done.

    The farmers had said that the movement would continue till the laws were withdrawn. The farmers had also announced to hold a nationwide protest on 14 December.

  • Union Agriculture Minister appealed to farmers to accept the proposal

  • Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar proposed to farmers on Thursday in the matter Appeal to accept While stating that the government is ready to discuss with farmers with an open mind.

    He said that the government is ready to talk to the farmers on the provisions to which they object.

    After this, the farmers responded and said that if the government does not withdraw the agricultural laws, then the railway tracks will be blocked all over the country.

  • BJP plans to increase support for agricultural laws

    BJP plans to increase support for agricultural laws
  • After warning the farmers to intensify the movement, the BJP has now planned to increase its support for agricultural laws across the country.

    Under this, a publicity campaign will be organized all over the country and people will be informed about the benefits of new agricultural laws.

    Equally, the ministers of the government will also take part in this campaign and will try to remove the apprehensions of the people. This will prove to be a big initiative.

  • Chaupal will be organized in 700 districts of the country

  • ANI According to a BJP official, 700 press conferences and 700 chaupalas will be held in 700 districts of the country under the campaign. This will start from Friday.

    Party officials in the chaupalas will question the farmers on agricultural laws and inform them about the benefits of the laws.

    Not only this, the ministers of the government present in the chaupal will try to remove all the apprehensions about the laws.

  • Farmers started moving from Punjab to Delhi

  • Here, after the warning of farmers’ agitation across the country, now farmers from the districts of Punjab Traveled to delhi Has started

    Farmers from many districts including Amritsar in the state are marching towards Delhi with tractor-trolleys as before. However, the police and administration are also monitoring public transport vehicles.

    It is being told that farmers are also going to Delhi in buses etc. In such a situation, the movement seems to be increasing.

  • Farmers coming to Delhi in about 700 trolleys – Pandher

  • Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti leader SS Pandher said that around 700 tractor-trolleys were coming towards the Kundli border in Delhi. Till now the workers of this organization were protesting in Amritsar. Since Friday, they have started coming towards Delhi.

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