C.R Bhansali Scam(1992-1996)


Chain Roop Bhansali Shortly known as C.R Bhansali trick happened in 1995.The C.R Bhansali trick was of Rs.1200 Crore,Which is the immense measure of the season of 1995. C.R Bhansali Collecting all cash through his common store organization and exchanging all

sum to Non-Existing Company. Bhansali had skimmed 133 organizations to pull in assets and suck them out.

In three years, between March ’93 and ’96, the total assets of CRB Capital Markets dove from Rs 11.65 crore to Rs 436.6 crore, or more than 37 times. Alerts ought to have gone off about control, particularly as SEBI, which had given in a review give an account of the gathering’s trader saving money division and resource Management Company, thought of genuine ruptures.