Center advises states, Rapid antigen test should be 30-40 percent of total test Newsbaits

  • With the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) being completely undetected, the central government has now taken steps to determine their numbers.

    The government has sent a letter to all the states and union territories asking them to determine the number of RATs to be only 30 to 40 percent of the total corona investigation in the state.

    In addition, states have been asked to pay more attention to standard RT-PCR tests.

  • What are rapid antigen tests?

  • Like the RT-PCR test, antigen test also shows whether corona virus is present in the body of the suspect.

    Although the RT-PCR test examines the presence of genetic material of the corona virus in a sample taken from a person’s nose or throat, the presence of a protein present above or inside the corona virus in the RAT is examined. .

    This method results in 30 minutes.

  • Experts warn of false negative report in RAT test

  • After the introduction of RAT in July last, experts warned of false negative reports in it.

    Experts said that a negative report can come even after symptoms in RAT. In this, more people can be examined simultaneously, but its negative report is not completely accurate.

    After this, the Ministry of Health had advised the states to conduct RT-PCR test of negative visitors in RAT.

  • RAT is being focused in most states

  • Despite the warning issued by medical experts about the RAT, it is being given more attention in most states in view of the early results.

    Currently RAT is 88 percent of the total 1,00,99,322 tests conducted in Bihar, 63 percent out of 43,28,416 in Kerala and 60 percent of 1,40,25,713 tests done in Uttar Pradesh.

    In this case, the actual number of infected people here may be more than the record.

  • Confirmation of infection of 3,524 suspected patients who came negative in RAT in Delhi

  • Last days in delhi PTI A shocking situation was revealed in the information sought by the reporter of RTI under Right to Information (RTI).

    In the report, Delhi Health Department officials said that the report of 56,862 suspected patients in the RAT test was negative.

    After this, RT-PCR test of all of them, the corona of 3,524 suspected patients. Infection confirmation happened. This report questioned the actual number of infected people.

  • Restrict RAT to 30-40 percent

    Restrict RAT to 30-40 percent
  • The print According to the Ministry of Health, Rajesh Bhushan, Secretary and Dr. Balram Bhargava, Secretary and Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has written a letter to states that RAT should be used only to check people without symptoms or contact.

    He said that the use of RAT in the investigation is not good five days after the symptoms of corona. In such a situation, only RAT should be 30-40 percent of the total investigation in the states.

  • Suspected patients negative in RAT should have RT-PCR test

  • The Ministry of Health stated that the reliability rate of the RAT is low. In such a situation, RT-PCR should be investigated for suspected patients coming negative in them. Let us know that this issue was discussed intensely in the recent ICMR meeting.

  • Instructions to keep consistency in all batches of RAT

  • The Ministry of Health has directed the states and union territories to keep the consistency in all batches apart from the vendors supplying RAT.

    He said that not having consistency in all batches of the RAT could affect the investigation.

    The Ministry has also asked the states to periodically check the RAT suppliers. Explain that there are currently 50 RAT kits accredited by ICMR in the country.

  • This is the condition of corona infection in India

  • In India, 29,398 new cases of infection with corona virus were reported and 414 patients succumbed to it.

    This is the second time in three days that the number of new patients has been less than 30,000.

    With this in the country Number of total infected 97,96,769. Of these, 1,42,186 people lost their lives due to the epidemic.

    If we talk about active cases, then their number has come down to 3,63,749.

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