Central government released the list of top 10 police stations, Manipur police station ranked first

  • The list of the top 10 police stations of the year 2020 has been released on Thursday based on the work done by the police of various states of the country.

    in this Manipur K Nongpok Semkai Police Station has captured the first position. There itself Telangana K Jammikunta Town Police Station has secured 10th position.

    The surprising thing is that there is not a single police station in the capital Delhi on the list.

  • This is the top 10 police stations in the country

  • 1. Nongpok Sekmai (Thoubal, Manipur)

    2. AWPS- Suramangalam (Salem, Tamil Nadu)

    3. Kharsang (Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh)

    4. Jhilmil Bhaiya Police Station (Surajapur, Chhattisgarh)

    5. Sanguem (South Goa, Goa)

    6. Kalighat (North and Central Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

    7. Pokyong (Eastern District, Sikkim)

    8. Kanth (Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh)

    9. Khanvel (Dadra and Nagar Haveli)

    10. Jammikunta Town (Karimnagar, Telangana)

  • Grading of police stations started from the year 2015

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the DGP Conference in Kutch, Gujarat in 2015, directed that standards should be set for the evaluation of their performance based on the information received for grading of police stations.

    Then central home Ministry The process of grading the police stations was started by setting the standard.

    Since then the police stations have started functioning better to achieve grading.

  • List prepared in view of the challenging timing of the corona epidemic

    List prepared in view of the challenging timing of the corona epidemic
  • The Home Ministry said that this year’s list has also been prepared keeping in mind the work done by the police in the challenging times of the Corona virus epidemic.

    home Minister Amit Shah Said that out of the thousands of police stations in the country, which were selected according to the criteria, most of them were from small towns and rural areas. The top 10 police stations have done better than all other police stations.

  • process

    List of top 10 police stations out of 16,671 police stations

  • According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, out of the 16,671 police stations in the country in the first phase, a shortlist of the best performing police stations in each state was prepared through the ranking process through data analysis, direct testing and public information.

    For this, the basis of solution of property crime, crime against women and crimes against weaker sections was made. After that, the top 10 police stations were selected.

  • 750 police stations shortlisted

  • According to the Home Ministry, a total of 750 police stations were shortlisted after the first phase of the process.

    These included two police stations from all the states and Delhi and one from the union territories.

    Subsequently, 75 of them were selected for the next stage of the ranking process.

    In the final phase, 19 parameters were identified. Apart from this, infrastructure of police stations, contact with policemen and public feedback were taken.

  • List of top 10 police stations prepared after taking feedback of 4,065 people

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs said that feedback was taken from 4,065 people involving about 55 people from each location. The top 10 police stations have been selected on the basis of the feedback received from people on the behavior of police stations and the policemen there.

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