Choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face, it will look like four moons

  • In making the look of women special, not only the outfits but also the hairstyle is an important role. But every hairstyle suits every woman, it is not necessary.

    We are saying this because every woman’s face shape is different and every face shape has its own specialty. In such a situation, it is important that you choose a hairstyle keeping in mind your face shape. Let us know some tips related to this.

  • Round face shape

  • If your face shape is round then it may be better for you to choose hairstyles such as loose waves, side or straight bangs as these help reduce the roundness of your face.

    At the same time, you should avoid choosing hairstyles in which you have to pull your hair backwards or give them a swept look as this type of hairstyle is likely to spoil your look.

  • Oval face shape

  • If your face shape is oval, then you are definitely very lucky because you can experiment with any kind of hairstyle.

    However, never choose a hairstyle that will increase the length of your hair or make your face look longer.

    For example, instead of making high puff from the front, do the middle parting of the hair. Apart from this, you can also make a side fringe or a side bun.

  • Diamond face shape

  • If your face shape is diamond-shaped, then you will have long, side-swept bangs and textured bob-like hairstyles because they help your cheekbones to emerge.

    Apart from this, you can also choose a short-to-shoulder length curl or a wave hairstyle look. This hairstyle looks great on a diamond face shape.

    When you want to make your look special for a special occasion, choose one of these hairstyles.

  • Heart face shape

  • If your face is shaped like a heart, it means that the upper part of your face is wide, while the lower part is narrow.

    Chin looks quite sharp in such a face shape, so to balance it, you can choose hairstyle like high ponytail or high bun or top knot.

    Apart from this, layered hairstyles also look great on such a face shape.

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