Claim of US top committee – Chinese government had planned ‘Galvan violence’

  • On the night of 15 June in East Ladakh Galvan Valley A top committee of the US Parliament of Congress has made a shocking disclosure on Wednesday in the case of violent clashes with Chinese soldiers in China.

    A report of the committee states that Galvan Valley Violence The conspiracy was hatched by the Chinese government itself.

    The Chinese government took this step to establish its dominance in South Asia and prove the Indian Army to be weak.

  • 20 Indian soldiers were killed in clash with Chinese army

  • Violent clash with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh on the night of 15-16 June 20 Indian military martyrs they were finished. There were also reports of many Chinese soldiers dying.

    The skirmish began when Indian soldiers went to remove tents planted by Chinese troops in Indian territory.

    During this time, Chinese soldiers attacked with stones and barbed rods. Some soldiers fell into the river due to the rock break.

  • China campaigned to increase military deadlock- Report

  • This black truth of China has been revealed in the ‘US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) Report 2020’, submitted by the US top committee, about six months after the Galvan incident.

    The committee said in the report that during that time the Chinese government had launched a high-level campaign against its neighbors. Its main objective was to provoke military or paramilitary deadlock from Japan to China.

  • Evidence of plotting of Galvan violence has been found

    Evidence of plotting of Galvan violence has been found
  • The report says that there is some evidence that the Chinese government had planned its plan for violence on the Galvan Valley, including the possibility of a potentially deadly attack.

    In the report, the US has cited satellite photographs claiming their claim. He said that during the week of skirmishes in the Galwan Valley, the Chinese government had deployed more than 1,000 soldiers in that area.

  • Chinese Defense Minister incites soldiers to attack

  • The report said that Chinese Defense Minister Wei, in his statement several weeks before the skirmish, encouraged China’s troops to fight to promote stability while provoking them.

    The report states that the exact reason behind the Chinese government’s move has not yet been revealed, but it is being speculated that their main purpose behind this was to create a strategic road.

  • China’s official newspaper also warned

  • The report said that China’s official newspaper Global Times also warned India. The newspaper wrote in its editorial that if India joins the US-China rivalry, it will be given a befitting reply on the trade and economic front.

  • India and China are working to increase their strength on LAC

  • India And there were tensions between China in May. The situation had worsened after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in an attack by Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley.

    Since then, both armies have been engaged in strengthening their infrastructure on the border and preparing troops.

    Not only this, India has also deployed five Rafale fighter jets purchased from France here. In view of that, China has taken this step.

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