Complete easy tasks with this app from Google, you will get money sitting at home

  • If you feel that you remain free at home and do not want to go out, now you can earn money sitting at home.

    For this you Google Can take help of task mate app. It is very easy to earn money through this. Just complete the given task and earn money.

    The best thing is that you will not have to pay to use this app of Google.

  • Testing now

  • Let us know that at present this app is available for only a few beta users. Currently its testing is going on in India.

    Soon it will be rolled out for all smartphone users in India.

    According to the news, the tasks given in it will be quite easy. In this, users will be given tasks like taking pictures of a hotel, surveying, answering questions and translating from English to other languages.

  • Google play store

    Available for download on Google Play Store

    Available for download on Google Play Store
  • For your information, let us know that Google Task Mate App now Google play store Available at

    Users can download it, but now it can be used only when it is a referral code.

    This means that unless someone sends you an invoice to use this app and you do not have an invoice code, you will not be able to use it.

  • Tasks will be distributed in two categories

  • The app is quite easy to use. First users have to see the task nearby. Then the task has to be completed and then the money won will be withdrawn.

    Tasks will be divided into seating or field categories. In the sitting task, you will have to record any data, record the spoken words and translate the sentences in English into the local language.

    At the same time, photographs of shops in the field category will have to be taken.

  • All information will be found in the app

  • In Google Task Mate, users will be informed about which level of task they are on. This will let them know how many tasks they have completed and how many are correct.

    Not only this, they will also know how much money they have made.

    Please tell that the user has to register his account number or e-wallet. His winning money will come in that.

    In this way they will be able to earn money easily.

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