Congress releases audio, claims BJP’s Janardhana Reddy tried to bribe MLAs

The Congress has released an audio claiming that BJP has been trying to bribe its newly-elected party MLAs. In the audio clip, two male voices are heard speaking in Kannada. While one of them was trying to coax the other, the recipient of the call seems to be reluctant.

According to Congress, one of the voice is of BJP’s Janardhana Reddy and the second voice belongs to Congress MLA Basavanagouda Daddal.

Basavanagouda Daddal won from Raichur Rural. Janardhana Reddy can be heard offering money to Basavanagouda Daddal, and asking him to support BS Yeddyurappa in the floor test scheduled for tomorrow.

Janardhana Reddy can be heard offering the Congress MLA a position of his choice. “Please forget the past. Think of it as a bad time. I’m telling you good times have started. The national president will talk to you directly. Tell us what position you want, we can speak one to one and go ahead.

Basavanagouda Daddal is heard refusing to accept the BJP’s offer saying that Congress supported him when he was at his lowest. “No sir. They brought me back when I was at my lowest,” Daddal said.

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