Corona: High Court strict on Delhi’s situation, said- work being done at turtle speed

  • Delhi High Court On Thursday in the capital Corona virus Kejriwal has been reprimanded by the government for its growing cases.

    The court said that when epidemic cases were increasing in Delhi from 1 November, why did the government take so long to take precautionary measures like reducing the number of guests at weddings.

    After the High Court rebuke Delhi Government Has raised the fine to Rs 2,000 for not wearing a mask.

  • Delhi government taking steps at turtle speed- Court

  • On Thursday, the Delhi High Court rebuked the Kejriwal government and asked why did you wait so long to reduce the number of guests at weddings? How many infected have died in these days?

    The court said that the government had to break its sleep by shaking and when questions were asked, it started to move at the speed of the turtle.

    Earlier on November 11, the High Court also raised tough questions with the Delhi government.

  • Can not stand and watch the situation silently – the court

  • Hearing on Thursday, the court said, “We cannot stand silently watching the deteriorating situation. We cannot be mute spectators. You were not working from November 1 to recent days and that is why we are worried.” We are not here to wake you up from sleep. ”

    The court said that the penalty imposed for not wearing masks and not following social distancing is not proving effective.

  • “Not only the government, the citizens are also responsible”

  • The High Court said that those who are coming out of the house are getting infected due to the negligence of others.

    The bench said, “We are not saying that you alone are responsible. Citizens are also responsible and they should also take precaution. If they are not taking precautions then you should take such steps so that they do not spread the infection to others.”

    After the rebuke, the government has increased the penalty for not wearing masks.

  • Fines of Rs 2,000 will be imposed for not wearing masks

  • Delhi’s chief minister Arvind kejriwal Said that now people not wearing masks in public places will be fined 2,000. Earlier this amount was 500 rupees.

  • Corona virus

    What is the status of epidemic in Delhi?

  • On Wednesday, 7,486 new cases of corona virus were reported in the capital Delhi and a record 131 deaths occurred.

    With this, the total number of infected here has reached 5,03,084. Of these, 7,943 have died, while more than 40,000 are active cases.

    The positive rate was 6 percent in September, which has been above 11 percent for the last two weeks. Experts say cases may increase in the coming days.

  • Government convened all party meeting

    Government convened all party meeting
  • Kejriwal government on Thursday amid deteriorating conditions due to fast growing cases of Corona virus All party meeting Has convened.

    The meeting will discuss the growing cases of corona infection in Delhi and Kejriwal will ask all parties, MLAs and MPs to help in the awareness campaign.

    Opposition parties say that they will raise the issue of ‘inadequate testing’ in the meeting and will demand the government to strictly follow the precautionary measures.

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