Corona investigation will be on the border of those coming to Uttarakhand, entry will be given if the report is negative

  • Uttarakhand Kingship Dehradun Growing rapidly Corona virus The police have taken strict steps in view of the transition.

    Uttarakhand Police has made the corona check mandatory at check posts located on the border of people coming into the state from outside. People have to pay for the investigation themselves.

    This order was given by Dehradun Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Arun Mohan Joshi on Sunday. In such a situation, the problems of people coming to Uttarakhand will increase now.

  • Rapid antigen test will be done on entering the state

  • India today According to the order issued by the DIG, it has been said that people coming from other states, especially Delhi, will be examined at Ashkrodi, Kulhan and nearby gate border check posts.

    During this time, rapid antigen tests will be done and entry will be given in the state when the report comes negative.

    In the order, the policemen posted at the check post have also been instructed to record the complete details of all the passengers seeking entry into the state.

  • Weekly detention

    Weekly detention again implemented in Dehradun

    Weekly detention again implemented in Dehradun
  • The district administration has re-implemented the weekly bandh in the city markets since Sunday over the growing corona infection in Dehradun.

    In such a situation, now every Saturday and Sunday the markets will be closed except the shops connected with essential services. In such a situation, there was silence in the capital markets on Sunday.

    Let us know that the district administration had also implemented weekly ban, but it was removed last month due to festivals and weddings.

  • Devotees are not being given entry to Haridwar

  • Haridwar The boundaries of the district have been completely sealed after the administration banned the Karthik Purnima bath in the Ganges. Vehicles coming from other states are being returned from the border.

    About two and a half thousand vehicles were sent back on Sunday. During this time, the passengers got angry with the police. Due to this, conditions of jam were also created in many places. The moratorium on the entry of people into the city will continue till Monday.

  • Local people are being given admission only after thorough investigation

  • Superintendent of Police Senthil Avudei Krishnaraj said that local residents and people of the state coming from essential work are being given entry into the city only after thorough investigation. From the point of view of security, additional police forces have been called from different districts.

  • The background

    The government had made the corona test mandatory in September also

  • The Uttarakhand government had also made the corona test mandatory for people entering the state in September.

    During that time, people were being given entry into the state only after bringing 72 hours old corona negative report or after immediate investigation.

    However, the ban was lifted by the government in October to reduce cases of infection and attract tourists, but now the police has re-enforced it.

  • This is the state of infection in Uttarakhand and Dehradun

  • In Uttarakhand, the number of corona virus infections has increased to 73,951. Of these, 1,214 patients have died so far and 67,197 patients have recovered after treatment. In addition there are currently 5,540 active cases.

    Similarly, the number of infected in the capital Dehradun has increased to 21,042 and out of these 671 patients have died. So far 18,681 patients have been cured and 1,611 are active cases.

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