Corona virus: 35 cases of re-infection reported in Bengaluru

  • In the northern and central region of the country, cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly and the government is busy dealing with them.

    Meanwhile Karnataka the capital of Bengaluru The disturbing news has come out.

    Seven hospitals here have reported new cases of re-infection with Corona. The great thing is that the number of such cases is 35, not one or two. This has made experts worried.

  • Cases reported in seven out of 28 hospitals

  • New Indian Express According to the officials of seven hospitals out of total 28 government and private hospitals treating corona patients in Bengaluru, so far 35 cases of re-infection have been caught in them.

    Similarly, no such data is available in 17 hospitals. Apart from this, four hospitals have not responded to this.

    Such a number of cases of re-infection have created dilemma in front of medical experts.

  • Severe symptoms of infection

  • Officials of the Jayanagar General Hospital said that they had about 10 such cases. He had severe symptoms again in the infection and needed to be put on oxygen support. In such a situation, he was referred to the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD).

    Most of these patients complained of shortness of breath, cough, fever, severe lung infection and severe muscle pain.

  • Genome sequencing is required to confirm such cases – Dr. Sachin

  • Dr Sachin D, consultant for Interventional Pulmonology at Manipal Hospitals, said that seven such cases had come to his notice. He developed extremely severe new symptoms with a worsening radiological condition. He was treated accordingly.

    He said that the patients recovered soon after treatment. However, genomic studies are required to confirm such cases.

  • Inadequate immune response may cause re-infection – Dr. Sachin

  • Dr. Sachin stated that during the first-time infection, patients are at risk of being re-infected due to insufficient immune response, decreased immunity or muten strain. The first patient later came in contact with someone and got infected.

  • Genomic study confirmed re-infection- Dr. Nagraj

  • RGICD Director Dr. Naragaz said that samples of patients were sent to the National Institute of Virology, Pune, for genomic study to find out the cause of recurrence.

    Ramaiya Memorial Hospital was confirmed by two health workers. He was twice infected with the infection. However, his symptoms were not visible.

    Similarly, three cases have been reported by Pristine Hospital and Research Center and five by Victoria Hospital.

  • This is the state of infection in India and Bengaluru

  • India In the past day, 43,082 new cases of infection were reported and 492 patients died. With this in the country Number of total infected 93,09,787, while 1,35,715 people have died so far.

    Similarly, the number of infected in Bengaluru has increased to 3,84,559. Of these, 4,251 patients have died so far and 3,61,071 patients have recovered after treatment.

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