Corona virus: 37,975 new cases in the past day in the country, record drop in cases in Andhra

  • India Days in Corona virus 37,975 new cases of infection were reported and 480 patients succumbed to it. This has declined in new cases due to fewer tests on Sunday.

    With this, the total number of infected people in the country has increased to 91,77,840, while 1,34,218 people have lost their lives due to the infection of this dangerous virus.

    The number of active cases has come down to 4,38,667.

  • Recovery rate and testing

    42,314 patients recovered in last 24 hours

  • Talking about the patients who get cured, then the last day across the country Corona virus 42,314 patients were cured, which was lower than new cases. With this, the total number of patients recovering has increased to 86,04,955. The country’s recovery rate is 93.76 percent.

    Apart from this, 10,99,545 tests were done across the country in the last 24 hours. About 13.37 crore in the country since the onset of the epidemic Corona virus Tests have been done.

  • State of

    These are the most affected states

  • Talking about the most affected states Maharashtra So far 17,84,361 people have been found infected and 46,653 people have died.

    Second most affected state Karnataka So far, 8,74,555 people have been found infected, while 11,678 have died.

    With 8,62,758 cases and 6,948 deaths Andra Pradesh And with 7,71,619 cases and 11,622 deaths Tamil Nadu The next two are the most affected states.

  • In Maharashtra, less than 50 deaths a day after several months

  • Talking about new cases Maharashtra In the past day, 4,153 people were found infected, while 30 patients died. These are the lowest number of deaths in a single day in the past several months in the state.

    Just like that Andra Pradesh Many months later, less than 500 new cases were reported and 545 people were found to be infected yesterday.

    There itself KRannataka 1,509 more in Tamil Nadu 1,624 new cases were reported.

  • More than 100 patients died in Delhi

  • Country capital Delhi In the last day, 4,454 new cases were reported and 121 patients died. With this, the total number of infected people in the city has gone up to 5,34,317, while 8,512 patients have died. There were 37,307 tests on the previous day.

  • Global status

    So far, 5.91 million people infected worldwide

  • Johns Hopkins University According to, around 5.91 crore people worldwide Corona virus 13.95 lakh have been killed.

    Most affected America 1.24 crore people have been infected and around 2.58 lakh people have died. America is the only country India Is more influenced by.

    Occupy third place Brazil Out of 60.88 lakh infected, about 1.69 lakh patients have died.

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