Corona virus: RT-PCR test price will be reduced in Delhi, Chief Minister Kejriwal orders

  • National Capital Delhi Growing rapidly Corona virus The government has taken a major step to curb the transition to. Experts have described the important role of testing to avoid corona infection.

    In such a situation, the Chief Minister to motivate people to conduct a corona investigation Arvind kejriwal Has ordered the Ministry of Health to reduce the price of RT-PCR test considered to be the most reliable for testing corona.

  • present situation

    Rs 2,400 fee is being charged in private labs of Delhi so far

  • NDTV According to the government hospitals in Delhi, RT-PCR test is done free of cost, but in private labs, people are charged Rs 2,400 for this test.

    In such a situation, people shy away from conducting tests due to the high cost of the test. Due to this, the complete data of infection is not being revealed.

    In view of this, Chief Minister Kejriwal has given these instructions. However, how much the price will be reduced is not known.

  • Chief Minister Kejriwal tweeted information

    Chief Minister Kejriwal tweeted information
  • On Monday, the Chief Minister tweeted the order given to reduce the price of RT-PCR test.

    He wrote, ‘I have directed that the price of RT-PCR test in Delhi be reduced. Free tests are being done in government hospitals, but this order will help those who conduct tests in private labs.

    Responding to this, Health Minister Satyendar Jain wrote, ‘will issue orders immediately’.

  • Other states

    These states have reduced RT-PCR test fees

  • Explain that the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in May gave the responsibility of setting the test fees to the state governments. The Government of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have since Cut prices was.

    in present Maharashtra The fee for RT-PCR test is Rs 980, 800 in Karnataka, 1,000 in Gujarat and Rs 1,500 in Tamil Nadu. Apart from this, 2,000 to 2,200 rupees are being taken in other states.

  • Supreme Court hearing on the cost of RT-PCR test

  • A petition is being heard in the Supreme Court on a petition for setting the price of RT-PCR test across the country at Rs 400.

    The petition claimed that different prices of RT-PCR test have been set in the states of the country, while the actual price of the test comes to less than Rs 200.

    Even after this, from 800 to 2,800 rupees are being charged in the states. This prevents people from getting tested.

  • Union Home Minister had suggested to increase the number of RT-PCR test

  • Let us know that after the confirmation of the third wave of corona infection in Delhi, the Union Home Minister in the last days Amit Shah Had an important meeting with Health Ministry officials including Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal.

    In this, the Home Minister suggested increasing the number of RT-PCR tests in Delhi and increasing the number of ICU beds in hospitals.

    In view of this, the Chief Minister has ordered the Health Ministry to reduce the cost of the test.

  • This is the condition of corona infection in India and Delhi

  • The number of corona infections in India has crossed 94 million. In the country, 38,772 new cases of infection with Corona virus were reported and 443 patients died.

    The total number of infected in the country has been 94,31,691, while 1,37,139 patients have died.

    Similarly, the number of infected has increased to 5,66,648 with 4,998 new cases in Delhi. Of these, 9,066 have died and 35,091 are active cases.

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