Corona virus: WHO recommends not to use Remadecivir, Giliad says disappointing

  • World Health Organization (WHO) Corona virus Gilead Sciences in the treatment of severe patients Ramdesvir Recommendation against the use of the drug is issued. An expert committee of WHO said that there is no evidence to prove that this drug increases the chances of patients being alive.

    Gilliad described the WHO recommendation as disappointing and said the WHO did not see evidence of the drug’s benefits.

  • Expert committee has issued recommendations after the WHO trial

  • In its recommendations published in the BMJ Medical Journal, the WHO’s expert committee set up to prepare Kovid-19 treatment guidelines stated, “There is no evidence that proves that it (remadecevir) is alive or ventilator You improve your needs. ”

    The committee made this recommendation based on a WHO trial in which remadecivir was not found effective in treating corona virus patients.

  • What were the results of the WHO trial?

  • The results of this WHO trial last month said that remadevivir had little or no effect on corona virus patients’ mortality and hospital stay.

    Apart from this, the expert committee also looked at the results of three other trials and said that this drug has no meaningful effect on the time it takes for the patients to recover.

  • reaction

    Gilliad said – ignored in WHO guidelines

  • Reacting to this recommendation from WHO experts, Gilliad stated that in several studies published in peer-reviewed journals, remadecivir has been found to be helpful in reducing patients’ recovery time, putting less pressure on hospitals.

    In his statement Gilliad stated, “We are disappointed that these evidence have been ignored in the WHO Guidelines at a time when cases are increasing at a global level.”

  • Opposite result

    Remedesvir was found effective in the trial conducted in America

  • In contrast to the WHO trial, in a trial conducted by Giliad in the US, remadecivir was found to be effective in treating patients with corona virus.

    In this trial conducted on 1,062 patients, it was found that the hospital stay of the patients was reduced by five days on being given Remdasivir.

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its official approval last month for its use.

  • Remedesivir is being used in many countries

  • Now America, Europe, Japan And India Remadecivir is being used to treat corona virus patients in many countries, including and continues to be used by countries despite WHO recommendations.

    The US FDA has also refused to reconsider the drug use approval. He says that no such case has been needed in the review of Remedesvir that advice from outside experts is needed.

  • No treatment for corona virus has been found yet

  • Explain that while the attention of the entire world is on the vaccine of the corona virus, the search for its treatment is being said to be equally important. No concrete treatment has been found so far and trials of new medicines are underway.

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