Cus it’s my body, my cleavage: Sona Mohapatra shuts down troll as she opens up on victim-blaming

Mumbai: Singer Sona Mohapatra recently shared her experience with victim-blaming with followers on social media.

“During my BTech Engg, walking to the microprocessor lab in a loose khadi green kurta with a salwar. Seniors whistling, speculating loudly about my bra size. One `well-wisher` walked up and asked why I wasn`t wearing my dupatta `properly`, fully covering my b***s,” she tweeted.

Sona in her tweet used the hashtag #INeverAskForIt, a movement that has been launched to protest against victim-blaming, especially in the case of sexual assault survivors, who are frequently asked what they wore at the time of a sexual assault.

In a separate tweet, the singer urged everyone to share their ordeal with victim-blaming. She tagged Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, singer Chinmayi Sripaada and a few others in her tweet.

She wrote: “Tweet what you remember wearing when you experienced sexual violence, threat or intimidation. Draw attention to victim blame. #INeverAskForIt.”

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Reacting to Sona`s tweet, a section of netizens trolled her saying she wrote such things because she was hungry for publicity. Others could relate with what the singer said and shared their opinions and experiences on the same.

“Being an ex-cetian, I second that. 1st yr and You are supposed to be totally covered up. Seniors ogling at you. Male classmates having endless night discussions on your size and beauty. Some girls enjoyed the attention. Some like me always wondered why? #INeverAskForIt,” commented a user.

Reacting to a user who remarked about the singer doing “hot photoshoots showing full cleavage”, Sona replied: “Cus it`s my body, my cleavage Mr. Jay whoever. I do as I please with it.”

Meanwhile, another user suggested, “College campuses are abs the worst. They should have an orientation program or better, schools should have sex-ed classes on how to handle puberty and how harassment is not manliness,” 

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