d2h reduced NCF charges for Multiroom connection following TRAI circular

Following the circular from TRAI which clarifies that DPO can waive the NCF charges on Multiroom connection, d2h has reduced their NCF charges and they will now charge Flat Rs 50 as Network Capacity Fee for 2nd, 3rd and 4th connection.

Subscriber will have the option to take any channel / bouquets available on the platform on their multiroom connection.

Subscriber will be offered the mirror channels (same channels as that of the parent connection) however the subscriber will have the option to take any channel / bouquet he wants.

Also, in addition to the NCF, the subscriber will have to pay the price (DRP) of the pay channels / bouquets taken by the subscriber.
With this move, we can expect that consumers will alteast save Rs 100 on each multiroom connection.