Delhi: Head Constable who found 76 missing children in two and a half months got promotion

  • Delhi Police A female head constable has got the first benefit of the out-of-turn promotion initiative being run by BARI to locate the missing children.

    In fact, the female head constable has found 76 missing children in about two and a half months, or 75 days, and reunited them with their families.

    In view of his dedication and honesty, high officials have made him an Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), promoting him under the initiative.

  • Delhi Police started the initiative in August

  • Delhi Police spokesperson Dr Ish Singhal said that on 5 August, Police Commissioner SN Srivastava had announced an out-of-turn promotion to constables and head constables finding missing children.

    Under this, promotion is given for finding 50 children under the age of 14 in one year of the constable or head constable. It stipulates that 15 of the detected children must be under eight years of age.

  • Female head constable achieved success

  • Spokesperson Singhal told that Seema Dhaka, a female head constable posted at Samaypur Badli police station, had campaigned to find the missing children. In such a situation, he found 76 missing children in 75 days and introduced them to their families. Of the 76 children found, 56 are under 14 years old.

    He said that the missing children have been traced not only from Delhi but also from other states like Punjab and West Bengal.

  • First woman policeman to get out of turn promotion

  • Spokesperson Singhal said that the head constable, ASI, Seema Dhaka has become the first woman policeman to get the first out of turn promotion under the initiative of Delhi Police. He has also inspired other policemen to work hard.

  • Delhi Police finds more missing children than reported

  • Spokesperson Singhal said that Delhi Police has achieved great success in finding missing children this year.

    This is the reason why the police have detected more number of missing children from the reports lodged in the police stations and reached their family members.

    He said that the police have detected a total of 1,440 missing children since August 7, while only 1,222 reports of missing children were reported in Delhi police stations.

  • Promotion announcement put wings of police

  • The announcement by the Delhi Police to provide an out of turn promotion on the recovery of missing children has put wings of the police.

    This is the reason that out of the total 5,412 children missing in Delhi in 2019, only 62 percent i.e. 3,336 children were detected, but in October 2020, out of total 3,507 children missing till October, 74.96 percent i.e. 2,629 children were found. Has been transported to families.

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