Delhi: Several AAP MLAs going to protest in front of Amit Shah’s house are in custody. Newsbaits

  • Delhi Police has taken into custody the MLAs of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Raghav Chadha and Sanjeev Jha.

    These MLAs were going to protest in front of Home Minister Amit Shah’s residence for alleged misuse of money in Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD).

    Chadha has been detained at the Rajendra Nagar police station, media reports said.

    Earlier, Chaddha had accused of massive corruption in the MCD.

  • Many activists were also detained

  • A senior police officer informed that Chadha, Rituraj Govind, Sanjeev Jha and Kuldeep Kumar have been detained in the police stations falling in their assemblies. It is being told that many activists have also been detained.

  • Chadha said to be taken into custody from home

  • At the same time, Chadha has talked about detaining himself from the house.

    He wrote, ‘All the money you give to BJP’s MCD is belied. Now the Mayor and Councilors of BJP are sitting outside the Chief Minister’s house to give us 13000 crores more so that we too can do that. The police allow them to picket, we want to go to meet Amit Shah, then we are taken into custody from home.

  • Twitter post

    Chaddha in police custody

  • MCD commits biggest scam in Delhi’s history

  • In an earlier tweet, he accused the MCD of committing the biggest scam in Delhi’s history.

    He wrote, ‘The BJP-ruled MCD committed the biggest Rs 2,500 crore scam in the history of Delhi. When we asked for a time to meet Home Minister Amit Shah, he arrested me from my residence. Amit Shah, why do you want to suppress the corruption of your party on the strength of your police? ‘

  • Delhi Police did not give permission to MLAs

  • On allegations of corruption in the MCD, Chadha sought permission from the Delhi Police to stage a sit-in in front of Amit Shah’s house.

    The Delhi Police rejected his plea and appealed to him for cooperation.

    Responding to his letter, the police wrote that in view of the situation in view of the corona virus epidemic, no mob is allowed outside the home minister’s residence.

  • Alleged corruption in MCD

    AAP investigates CBI demand

    AAP investigates CBI demand
  • On Saturday, the AAP demanded a probe by the CBI into the alleged corruption of Rs 2,500 crore between NDMC and SDMC.

    Party MLA and spokesperson Atishi, while holding a press conference, demanded strict action against the culprits.

    He said that out of the Rs 2,500 crore corruption that has taken place in the MCD, doctors, nurses, medical staff and teachers could have been paid salaries.

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