Do not forget these mistakes while decorating the drawing room, it can spoil the look

  • The drawing room is a very important part of the house because whenever the guests come home, they sit in the drawing room itself. In such a situation, by looking at the decoration of your drawing room, they get an idea about your house and personality.

    That is why most people take care of everything while decorating the drawing room, while some people make small mistakes inadvertently. Let us know about such mistakes.

  • Poor lighting

  • If the lighting arrangement of any room in the house is not correct, then it reverts to the decoration of the room.

    It is often seen that people only give a chandelier to decorate the drawing room, although you should avoid making such a mistake.

    It would be better to arrange lighting around your drawing room along with chandeliers.

  • Laying the wrong size carpet

  • Many people consider laying carpet in the drawing room better because it helps to make the drawing room look attractive, but this is possible only when you choose the right size and color carpet.

    Nowadays, carpets are available in many designs, colors and sizes. In such a situation, it would be better to make larger size and darker carpet part of your drawing room instead of small rugs.

  • Don’t put the tv in the right place

  • One of the common mistakes made in the decoration of a drawing room is to place the TV in the wrong place.

    Do not fix the TV in front of or near the window as it is harmful to your eyesight and you may have trouble seeing the photos clear.

    It is better to always place the TV on an empty wall and a short distance from the seating area. This gives the drawing room a classy look.

  • Ignore curtains and cushions

  • Nowadays curtains Home decoration Has become an important part of it, but some things should be kept in mind while using them. For example, for windows and doors, choose curtains that are up to the length of the ground and place the curtains in a slightly higher place.

    If you have sofas in your drawing room, do not make the mistake of ignoring the cushions as it can change the look of your sofas and the entire drawing room.

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