Does a PNB scam affect the common citizen?

No, it doesn’t influence regular man.

Reasons :

It was hard to get advance for agriculturists and reimburse it , still it is same.

My duties were at any rate not getting used on the off chance that he takes it away or a lawmaker doesn’t make a difference.

I will needed to confer suicide or would have been executed by a recuperation specialist of not paying my EMI after product disappointment I will keep on being murdered.

I was getting bankrupt by private hospitals,whenever somebody in family winds up wiped out, I will keep on being bamboozled .

Streets in my general vicinity are dependably uncovered they will keep on being same.

A large number of my companions are jobless they will keep on being jobless.

Individuals were offering pakoda (squanders) they will keep on doing so.

We were bringing in gigantic stuff with no assembling base in nation and there by no employments, we will keep on having same.

We were voting in favor of boneheads including last time we will keep on doing so.

It’s obvious, life as common it is all same.