Eight ministers of Bihar government have criminal background, six have serious cases registered against them

  • After the Bihar elections, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has formed and Nitish Kumar Has sworn in as Chief Minister for the seventh time.

    Apart from this, the cabinet with 14 ministers has also been formed. In this, Dr. Mevalal Chaudhary, who has been appointed as Education Minister, is on target due to corruption charges, but not only Chaudhary, eight ministers of the government have criminal cases against them.

    This has been revealed in the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report.

  • The ruckus started as soon as Chaudhary was included in the cabinet

    The ruckus started as soon as Chaudhary was included in the cabinet
  • Mevalal Chaudhary was given the post of education minister during the formation of the cabinet. Since then, there was an uproar over the corruption case registered against him.

    In fact, while the Vice Chancellor of Bihar Agricultural University (BAU), Chaudhary was accused of corruption and an FIR was also registered against him.

    After this, he was suspended from JDU and Nitish Kumar even refused to meet him.

  • The case was registered against Chaudhary on the orders of Raj Bhavan

  • Let me tell you that while the Vice Chancellor of the BAU, Mevalal Chaudhary’s name came up in the corruption case. Thereafter, on the orders of Raj Bhavan, a case was registered against him for the appointment of 161 assistant professors and junior scientists.

  • 57 percent ministers of Nitish government are tainted

  • According to the ADR report, 57 per cent of the 14 ministers in the Nitish government cabinet, ie eight ministers, have criminal cases against them.

    Of these, 43 percent ie six ministers have serious criminal cases against them.

    Among the ministers with criminal backgrounds, the BJP has the highest four, two from Janata Dal United (JDU) and one each from HAM-S and VIP Party. In such a situation, it can be said that the taint of Bihar is in the hands of the tainted.

  • How many cases have been registered against which minister?

  • Mevalal Chaudhary has declared one criminal case and four serious cases under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in his affidavit.

    Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Minister Mukesh Sahni has announced five criminal cases and three cases of serious nature.

    Jibesh Kumar of BJP has also declared five criminal cases and four cases of serious nature. At the same time, criminal cases of different nature are registered against five other ministers.

  • 13 ministers in the cabinet are millionaires

  • According to the report of the ADR, out of the 14 ministers in the Nitish government’s cabinet, 93 percent i.e. 13 ministers are crorepatis. His average assets are Rs 3.93 crore.

    Of these, the maximum six are from BJP, five from JDU and one minister each from HAM-S and VIP Party are millionaires.

    Among the ministers, Mevalal Chaudhary holds the highest wealth of Rs 12.31 crore. He is the richest minister in the cabinet. This Ashok Chaudhary has the lowest assets of 72.89 lakhs.

  • reaction

    Chief Minister’s position has become weak – Jha

  • Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) MP Manoj Jha said that making Mevalal Chaudhary the Minister of Education proves that the Chief Minister’s position has weakened and Bihar has lost after the election results. This is a matter of great embarrassment for the government.

    RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav tweeted, ‘An absconding accused in the corruption case has been made Education Minister. However, Nitish Kumar’s discourse on crime, corruption and communalism will continue even further. ‘

  • Leaders with more criminal backgrounds than last election won

  • According to the report of ADR, 168 leaders with criminal background have won this time in the assembly elections.

    This is more than the 142 leaders of criminal backgrounds who won the 2015 elections.

    According to the report, out of those who won this time, 123 MLAs have criminal cases of serious tendency against them, whereas in the 2015 elections only 98 MLAs had serious cases against them.

  • Murder cases are registered against 19 MLAs

  • According to the report of the ADR, 19 of those who won the election this time have serious cases of murder against 31 and 31 against murder. Similarly, cases are registered against eight MLAs for crimes against women.

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    Making Chaudhary Minister of Education an insult to the mandate – Chaudhary

  • NK Chaudhary, a social analyst and former head of Patna University’s economics department, said, “This is dangerous. It is an insult to the mandate. A person facing such serious charges should not be made a minister. The worst thing is that he should be the Minister of Education.” has been made.”

    He said, “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is responsible for this selection. An honest and responsible person should have been selected for this post.”

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