Experts arrive in Andhra Pradesh from Delhi to investigate ‘mystic disease’ Newsbaits

  • Hundreds of people living in the ‘mysterious disease’ in Elaru town of Andhra Pradesh amid the Corona epidemic have raised the government’s concern.

    Currently hundreds of people are being treated and there is an atmosphere of fear among others.

    In view of this, the central government has sent a team of specialist doctors from Delhi to Elru to investigate the disease. The team reached the town and started investigating the cause of the disease.

  • Cases of ‘mysterious illness’ surfaced on Saturday

  • In Elaru town, the patients of this ‘mysterious disease’ were exposed for the first time on Saturday. During that time around 200 patients were admitted to the hospital.

    In this disease, patients are complaining of epileptic seizures, sudden unconsciousness, shivering, mouth froth and severe body pain.

    So far, 500 people have succumbed to the disease in the town and a 45-year-old man has died.

  • Causes of disease cannot be known- Dr. Ram

  • According to medical officials, about 500 people are vulnerable to the disease. Most of these are now cured. However, due to the death of a person, it is being called a ‘mysterious illness’.

    Eluru’s senior physician Dr AS Ram said, “Some people are saying that the disease is increasing due to fear in people, but it is not so. Most of the patients have seen symptoms, but they are unable to find out what is the cause. . ”

  • Reasons assuming the presence of rural dirt and pigs

  • Some other medical officers in the town consider the chemical present in the pesticides to be responsible for the disease, while villagers say the situation has been created due to piles of waste in the area and wild boars.

    Officials said people suffering from the disease have epileptic seizures, amnesia, anxiety, vomiting, headaches and back pain for 3-5 minutes. This causes increasing fear among people.

  • Team of experts arrived from Delhi engaged in investigation

  • Here, the Central Government examined the National Institute of Virology (NIV) virologist Dr. Avinash Desotwar, Deputy Director of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Dr. Sanket Kulkarni and Dr. Jamshed Nair, Associate Professor of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Elru sent for.

    The team collected samples of edible oil, rice, blood and urine to find out the cause of the disease after taking information from local doctors in the town.

  • Will be revealed only after sample report

  • Local health officials say that the patients who were sent to labs in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam will only be able to reveal the major causes of the mysterious disease after reports of cerebral-spinal fluid samples.

    Dr. Suhasini said, ‘We are constantly monitoring the health condition of patients falling ill in Eluru. There is improvement in the health of two children admitted to Vijayawada. I have not seen such a disease in my 25-year career.

  • Doctors rule out the possibility of an identified virus

  • Meanwhile, doctors have ruled out the possibility of patients having viruses such as Japanese encephalitis, dengue, hepatitis and rabies. According to State Health Commissioner K Bhaskar Rao, the disease does not spread from person to person, but investigations are on.

  • People are suddenly falling unconscious

  • A patient told that he was working in the morning, but suddenly he fell unconscious. This hurt him in many places, though he recovered again after about two hours.

    Similarly, Police Constable Kiran Kumar said that she was on duty on Monday, but suddenly she fell unconscious. After regaining consciousness after about two hours, his condition is now fine. Sudden fall hurt his shoulder.

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