Farmer demonstration: Government ready to discuss options, law not considering withdrawal – report

  • Government and three new agricultural laws FarmerThere is a deadlock between them.

    The government has offered to amend the laws, but the farmers’ organizations are adamant on withdrawing the laws.

    There is no immediate solution to this deadlock as the government is not ready to withdraw the law.

    Sources said that all other options may be discussed, but the government will not withdraw these three new agricultural laws.

  • Agricultural law

    Rest of the options can be discussed, but the law will not be returned – sources

  • Indian Express Quoting top government sources, the question of withdrawing these three laws does not arise, but all other options can be discussed.

    Another top official said that the deadlock can be resolved only by negotiation and if the farmers want to prolong the protest then the government is also ready for it.

    His remarks came after the fifth round of talks between the government and the farmers.

  • Agricultural law

    Government may change some provisions – sources

    Government may change some provisions - sources
  • A senior leader of the ruling party said that if the government withdraws these laws, then it will show weak political will. Along with this, it will be a big blow to the efforts of reforms in the agricultural sector.

    When asked about the options in such a situation, the sources said that the government may change some of the provisions of the law or be put on hold for some time instead of implementing these laws.

  • Government waiting for solution

  • A top official said, “We are looking at what issues farmers come to discuss on December 9. We are not in a hurry. So far what the Agriculture Minister has told the farmers is the stand of the government.”

  • Agricultural law

    Government can bring Shah and Singh in the coming days

    Government can bring Shah and Singh in the coming days
  • Before the fifth round of talks on Saturday Prime Minister Modi Tomar, Piyush Goyal on this issue, Rajnath Singh And Amit Shah Had a meeting with

    The government may field Rajnath Singh or Amit Shah or both in the coming days.

    A senior BJP leader said that the initial meetings were aimed at paving the way for dialogue. After this, senior ministers can be brought forward if consensus is not reached.

  • Cause for protest

    What is the issue related to agricultural laws?

    What is the issue related to agricultural laws?
  • The Modi government has brought three laws to improve the agriculture sector, including making provisions for procurement outside government mandis, approving contract farming and ending the storage limit for many grains and pulses.

    Farmers of many states including Punjab and Haryana are strongly opposing these laws.

    He says that through these the government wants to get rid of mandis and the minimum support price (MSP).

  • Farmers call for shutdown of India

  • Now the next meeting between the government and farmers will be held on 9 December regarding the agricultural laws. On December 8, a day before this, farmers have called Bharat Bandh.

    The farmers had already warned that if the government does not withdraw these laws, then they will stop India on 8 December. More than 10 political parties and many organizations including Congress, SP, BSP, Shiv Sena, Aam Aadmi Party have supported the Bharat Bandh.

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