Farmer leaders will sit on hunger strike on December 14

Farmer leaders will sit on hunger strike on December 14

The agitation of farmers who are protesting against the new agricultural laws is now intensifying.

  • After rejecting the demand from the government to withdraw the laws, now the farmer leaders have prepared to agitate all over the country.
  • Under this, the leaders of all farmer unions will sit on a hunger strike on the Singhu border on Sunday. Apart from this, thousands of farmers of Rajasthan will jam the Delhi-Jaipur highway with a tractor rally.

What is the reason for opposition from farmers?

  • The farmers, who have been protesting for the past several months about the agricultural laws enacted in September, intensified their agitation from last 25 November. He called for a ‘Delhi Chalo’ march against the government.

  • Farmers fear that laws allowing trade outside the APMC mandis will weaken the mandis and farmers will not even get the Minimum Support Price (MSP). Due to this the people of corporate place will exploit the farmers.

Farmers rejected the government’s proposal on Wednesday

  • On Wednesday, the government sent a 20-page proposal to the farmers. It talked about continuing the MSP system, making changes in the APMC Act and considering the attachment of agricultural land.
  • Subsequently, the proposal was rejected at a meeting of farmer leaders held in the evening.
  • The farmers had said that the movement would continue till the laws were withdrawn. The farmers had also announced to hold a nationwide protest on 14 December.

Union Agriculture Minister appealed to accept the proposal

  • In the case on Thursday, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar appealed to the farmers to accept the proposal and said that the government is ready to discuss with the farmers with an open mind.
  • He said that the government is ready to talk to the farmers on the provisions to which they object.
  • After this, the farmers responded and said that if the government does not withdraw the agricultural laws, then the railway tracks will be blocked all over the country.
  • Farmers filed a petition in the Supreme Court

  • After this, the farmers on Friday Petition in supreme court Declaring the new laws as illegal and arbitrary, they demanded an order to repeal them. Farmers said that with these laws, corporate traders will exploit them fiercely.

  • Heavy police force deployed after warning of farmers to block the highway

  • On the alert of farmers to block the Delhi-Jaipur highway, the government deployed 1,000 policemen on the Delhi-Gurgaon border and 3,500 policemen on the Faridabad border. The policemen did not allow the farmers to come there.

  • Apart from this, Union Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with senior police officers to stop any kind of violence in Delhi. Discuss measures Of. Intelligence agencies have reported to the government the involvement of radical groups in the movement.

Farmer leaders decided to sit on hunger strike on 14 December

Farmer leaders decided to sit on hunger strike on 14 December
  • Kamalpreet Singh Pannu, leader of the Samyukta Kisan Andolan Samiti, said, “On December 14, all the farmer leaders will sit on a hunger strike collectively along the Singhu border. If the government wants to negotiate, it is ready, but it is the first to withdraw the laws. Will discuss.
  • He added, “The government wants to thwart our movement, but we will not let this happen. The farmers have vowed to hold a peaceful protest against the laws.”

Farmers to jam Delhi-Jaipur highway on Sunday- Pannu

  • Farmer leader Pannu said, “The tractor march will be taken out by the farmers of Rajasthan on Sunday. Along with this the Delhi-Jaipur highway will also be jammed. The march will start at 11 a.m. in Shahjahanpur in Rajasthan and will reach the Delhi-Jaipur border and then He will be jammed. “
  • “Farmers will hold nationwide demonstrations at all district headquarters on Monday and sit on hunger strike from 8 am to 5 pm. All preparations have been done,” he said.

PM’s appeal rejected

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that the purpose of agricultural laws is to help farmers. These will increase investment and farmers will get big benefits. In such a situation, the farmers should not stop the movement, but the farmers have turned down their appeal. “

Union Agriculture Minister holds meeting with farmer leaders of Haryana

  • Hindustan Times According to the Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar held a meeting with the farmers leaders of Haryana on Saturday at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.
  • He told the peasant leaders about the benefits of the agricultural laws, but the peasant leaders remained adamant on repealing the laws.
  • After this, in a meeting on the Singhu border, the farmer leaders decided to sit on hunger strike. The government’s problems are visible due to this.

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