Farmer Movement: The situation of the Singhu border deteriorating due to dirt, farmers in the grip of diseases

  • Demonstrating demands including new agricultural laws Farmer Since November 25, even in the cold winter, Singhu has been standing on the border (Delhi-Haryana border).

    Farmers say they will not move there until the new laws are withdrawn. Meanwhile, the filth prevailing on the Singhu border for the farmers disease Has become a home of

    TOI According to the farmers due to dirt, skin allergies and diarrhea are being complained.

  • Farmers are demonstrating to repeal agricultural laws from the government

  • Farmers have been camping on the Delhi border with warm clothes and months of rations since last 25 November to repeal new agricultural laws.

    Even after five rounds of talks between the government and the farmers, the solution has not been reached and the sixth round of talks is scheduled for Wednesday.

    The government is ready to give written assurance to the farmers on the MSP, but the farmers are adamant on repealing the three laws.

  • Lack of toilets and piles of dirt at the Singhu border increases

  • Presently, there are increasing problems for farmers on the Singhu border. There is a lack of adequate toilets for the farmers and there are piles of garbage on the roads.

    Although farmers and other workers clean the garbage daily, dozens of langars collect a large amount of garbage there by evening.

    Some locals have opened toilets for farmers, but that is not enough for all farmers.

  • Many farmers are suffering from skin allergies

    Many farmers are suffering from skin allergies
  • Dr. Davinder Kaur, who works with the NGO and posted on the Singhu border in the last one week, told that about 500 farmers are bringing their problems every day.

    He said that most farmers have skin allergies, itching and fungal infections. This is happening due to filth and mass congestion. Apart from this, farmers are also suffering from vomiting, constipation, diarrhea etc.

  • Farmers’ health affected due to change of location and food

  • Another doctor from Patiala, Harmanpreet Singh, is spreading skin allergies and fungal infections due to hundreds of farmers gathering at one place. Apart from this, changes in location, food and weather have also affected the health of the protesting farmers.

    He said that due to uneasy sleeping of the farmers, they are complaining of body pain. However, no one has yet complained of corona symptoms.

  • Farmers are not retreating even after the death of two people

  • Dr. Jitendra Sharma of Zirakpur told that many farmers are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and are contacting them for medicines. Reportedly, two farmers have died so far.

    Even after this, the farmers have decided to stay at the picket site till the agricultural laws are repealed.

    Earlier, the Center had asked the farmers to protest in Buradi, but they turned down the proposal.

  • Farmers call for ‘Bharat Bandh’ from 11 am to 3 pm on Tuesday

  • Let us know that the farmers who have been agitating against the agricultural laws since September have been peaceful from 11 am to 3 pm on Tuesday. Call off india Have done

    In this, farmers have got the support of many transport unions including various political parties.

    The farmers demand that the government withdraw all three agricultural laws, while the government is ready to amend them. The farmers have camped on the borders of Delhi since 25 November.

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