Farmers turned down the proposal of Home Minister Amit Shah, said – will lay siege to Delhi

  • Union Home Minister, agitating farmers, demanding withdrawal of new agricultural laws and guaranteeing minimum support price (MSP) of their crops Amit Shah Has rejected the process of going to Burari to agitate.

    In the meeting held on Sunday, the farmers decided not to accept the proposal. After this, in the press conference, the farmers said that Burari is an open prison, they will not go there.

    He also spoke of the siege of Delhi.

  • Home Minister had proposed to talk in Burari

  • In view of the agitation, Home Minister Amit Shah had conditioned the farmers to come to Burari before 3 December and perform, where the Delhi Police has earmarked a place for the farmers.

    Shah had said that if the farmers do this then the government is ready to talk to them the next day.

    After this, 30 farmer organizations held a meeting and, rejecting the proposal, decided to stay on the Singhu border (Delhi-Haryana border).

  • We will never go to Burari – Surjeet Singh

    We will never go to Burari - Surjeet Singh
  • In a press conference held after the meeting, Punjab State President of BKU Revolutionary Organization Surjit Singh Phool said, “All the farmer organizations have rejected the Home Minister’s proposal. We want to talk to the government unconditionally.”

    He added, “Burari is an open prison and there is no place to agitate. In such a situation, we will not go to Burari under any circumstances. The government should take the initiative to negotiate unconditionally.”

  • Five main gateways of Delhi will be blocked- Surjeet Singh

  • Surjit Singh said, “Instead of going to the open jail in Burari, we will encircle Delhi by blocking five entry points. We have enough ration and we can sit on the road for four months. Now our strategy ahead The steering committee will decide. ”

    He added, “We will not allow the leader of any political party to speak on our platform. Anyone will be allowed to speak only with the permission of the committee.”

  • Apology from media for indecency

  • Surjit Singh said that some protesters had inadvertently committed indecency with the media. For this he apologizes. To avoid such situations in future, an official press note will be issued by the organization after each meeting.

  • AIKSCC set a condition for talks with the government

  • Here, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC) said that the leaders leading the peasant movement have demanded the venue of talks and authorizing a cabinet committee or group of ministers for discussion before the government.

    The AIKSCC stated that agriculture does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In such a situation, he should not lead the issue of dialogue with farmers.

  • AIKSCC gave this argument to the government

  • In response to the invitation received by the Home Secretary for talks, AIKSCC National Secretary Avik Saha said that the Prime Minister takes all decisions in the country. Even after this, the Union Ministers have participated in the last round of talks, but they are not sure that they are able to take any decision on their demands.

    He said he wants to notify a cabinet committee or a group of ministers for talks.

  • All khap panchayats came in support of farmers

  • MLA from Rohtak, Haryana, Sombir Sangwan tweeted, ‘All the Khap Panchayats decided in a meeting on Sunday that they are with the farmers of the country with their whole body. All Khap panchayats will travel to Delhi on Monday to support the farmers.

  • Protest

    Farmers have been on the roads since many days

  • Explain that the three agricultural laws of the central government against Farmers of several states, especially Punjab and Haryana, have been out on the Delhi march since November 25 and all attempts by the Haryana Police to stop them from reaching Delhi have failed.

    Police tried almost everything, from digging avenues and planting stones and barricading, to using water canons and tear gal bullets in a cold wave, but could not stop the farmers.

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