Follow these effective home remedies if you have eye pain, you will get relief soon

  • The problem of eye pain often arises due to excess stress, allergies and other physical problems. At the same time, this problem is also seen in people running laptops or mobiles for a long time.

    Some people ignore this problem as common, although it is wrong to do so as it can cause serious eye problems.

    Let us tell you about some home remedies to relieve eye pain.

  • Use cold compress

  • If you want to get relief from eye pain quickly, then using cold compress can prove beneficial because cold water has the properties of reducing pain as well as swelling and wound healing.

    For this, immerse a small part of the towel in cold water, and then squeeze and keep it on the affected area of ​​the eye for four to five minutes.

  • Cucumber is also a better option

  • You can also get relief from many problems related to the eyes by using cucumbers, and the use of cucumbers is beneficial to remove the dark circles under the eyes and reduce the pain of the eyes.

    To get relief from eye pain, soak two thick slices of cucumber in cold water for two to three minutes and then place them on the eyes for 10 minutes.

  • Aloe vera gel is also helpful

  • Aloe vera gel has a special property called immunomodulatory, which can help reduce eye allergies and pain caused by it.

    So when you have problems in the eyes, mix one spoon of fresh aloe vera gel and one or two teaspoons of cold water in a bowl.

    After this, soak cotton wool in this mixture and then close it and keep it on them for 10 minutes.

  • Milk and honey mixture will also work

  • This mixture can go a long way in eliminating the problem of eye pain immediately because while milk is rich in antiinflammatory properties, honey has anti-microbial properties.

    For this, mix two to three drops of honey in one teaspoon of lukewarm milk and put one or two drops of this mixture in the affected eye through a clean dropper and close it. After this wash the eye with clean water.

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