Garudasana: This yoga is beneficial for health, know important things related to it

  • There are no two opinions about this being done regularly YogaExercise can play an important role in keeping you healthy.

    There are some yogasanas whose names you have rarely heard. One such yoga is Garudaasana whose daily practice can work to keep many diseases away.

    Therefore today we are going to give you some important information related to this Yogasan. Let’s know again.

  • Method of practicing Garuda Sasana

  • First of all, by laying yoga mats on the ground, stand Tadasana i.e. upright. During this, you continue breathing normally. Now bring the balance of the entire body to the right foot and move the left leg above the back of the knee.

    Then make a cross by turning both your arms with elbows and keep yourself in this posture as long as possible. After this slowly become normal.

  • Precautions

    Take these precautions during the practice of Garudasana

  • 1) If you have any problem related to ankles, knees or elbows or you are having pain in the feet, do not practice this yoga yoga.

    2) Patients suffering from arthritis should stay away from this Yogasan, but if they want to do it, then such people can do this Yogasan under the supervision of a yoga expert on the advice of a doctor.

    3) Pregnant women should also not practice this Yogasana.

  • Benefits of practicing Garudasana

  • Regular practice of Garuda Sasana in many ways Health Can prove beneficial for

    For example, by practicing it daily, the muscles of the stomach, back, legs and arms are strengthened. Apart from this, it also has a positive effect on the digestive system and blood flow etc.

    If you talk about the mental benefits from its practice, then it can also be helpful in relieving anxiety and stress.

  • Other important tips related to practicing Garudasana

  • 1) If you are going to practice this yogasana for the first time then do it under the supervision of a specialist.

    2) It can be difficult to balance in the beginning of this yoga yoga, so resort to the wall.

    3) During practice, the entire weight of the body is on only one leg, so do not be hasty during its practice.

    4) From this posture, slowly come to normal position so that no part of the body gets jerked.

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