Gujarat High Court order, community service will be done for not wearing face mask

  • Corona virus To prevent infection Face mask Despite playing an extremely important role, despite this many people flout the rules related to it.

    In view of this negligence of people, many states have increased the penalty for not wearing face masks and now Gujarat high court It has also directed such people to do community service in Kovid1-9 care centers, not just considering the fine.

  • High court bid – strict punishment should be given to those who do not wear masks

  • A bench of Gujarat High Court Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Judge JB Pardiwala, while hearing a PIL related to the corona virus epidemic, strongly objected to people not wearing face masks.

    It is not enough to just impose fines on such people and they should be given harsh and fear-provoking punishment like serving in a Kovid care center, the bench said. The bench asked any government institution to delegate its responsibility.

  • Will have to work 4-5 hours for five to 15 days- High Court

  • The High Court stated in its order that those found without masks can be sentenced to 4-5 hours of non-medical community service at any Kovid care center and the duration of this sentence ranges from five to 15 days. Can.

    Such people include cleaning, housekeeping, cooking, helping others, preparing records and keeping data etc. Punishment will be given considering the age and qualifications of the violators.

  • Chief Justice said – Mask required to stop the second wave

  • During the hearing, Chief Justice Vikram Nath said that this is an important issue and it is necessary for everyone to put on masks to prevent the second wave of corona virus epidemic. He said that instead of an epidemic worsening after a week, a decision is still needed.

    During the hearing, the state government said that it would be difficult for him to monitor who is doing community service and who is not.

  • Fines for not wearing masks have been increased in many states including Delhi

  • Let us know that recently the penalty for not wearing masks has been increased in other states including Delhi and currently a fine of Rs 2,000 is imposed in Delhi. In states like Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, there is a provision for a fine of Rs 500.

  • Corona outbreak

    What is the situation of corona virus epidemic in Gujarat and country?

  • So far 2,11,257 people have been found infected with the corona virus in Gujarat and 4,004 people have died. The state is experiencing about 1,500 new cases daily and the recovery rate is 91.06 percent.

    Talking about the whole country, so far about 95 lakh people have been found infected, while 1.38 lakh people have died. Less than 50,000 new cases have been reported in the country since last several weeks.

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