Hair falls due to these five main reasons, know its remedies

  • Everyone wants to have good hair, but due to falling hair, this desire of yours remains incomplete.

    For this reason, some people use expensive and expensive shampoos and conditioners, yet they are troubled by falling hair and start looking older than their age.

    To avoid this problem, you should know the reasons for it.

    Let us know the main reasons and remedies.

  • These are the main reasons for hair loss

    These are the main reasons for hair loss
  • Heredity (H)eredity): This means that if any of the parents in your family have hair loss problem, then it can happen to you as well. In this, the hair of the front part begins to fall or become shorter.

    The medicines: Medicines for the treatment of diseases like cancer, arthritis, depression etc. also cause hair loss.

    Tension: The main reason for hair weakening is to be physically or mentally stressed.

  • Changes in hormones and some hairstyles are also the main causes of hair loss.

  • Hormone changes: Doctors say that hair loss also occurs due to changes in hormones. Changes in hormones are due to pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, thyroid etc.

    Some Hair Style and Hair Treatment: Some hairstyles that put pressure on hair can also be the cause of hair loss. Apart from this, some home remedies like hot oil etc. that cause hair loss.

  • These are some of the best solutions

  • Hair loss of people with heredity cannot be prevented, but some remedies can correct hair loss problems. Those measures are as follows:

    1) Do not make tight hairstyles such as braid and ponytail. Do not get entangled in pulling or turning more hair.

    2) Avoid the consumption of medicines, which cause hair loss.

    3) Avoid hair loss items such as hot rollers, curling iron.

  • These are also some good measures

  • 4) Wash your hair with light hands and comb it. To comb, use a wide-toothed comb.

    5) Protect your hair from strong sunlight and other sources of UV rays.

    6) Smoking also causes hair loss, so do not smoke.

    note: If these measures also make you fall Hair problem If it does not expire, see a dermatologist. Perhaps the cause of your hair loss may be something else.

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