83 students and eight teachers found infected with corona virus


  • By the central government in alnock-5 schoolSchools and colleges have been reopened in many states after being allowed to open.

    These include Haryana, where schools and colleges have been reopened after eight months from November 15.

    However, within three days of opening the schools, corona infection of dozens of teachers and students there was confirmed. This has raised the concern of the family of the students and the government.

  • Corona infection confirmed in 72 students in Rewari

  • ABP According to the news on Wednesday in 12 government schools in Rewari district Corona virus Was investigated In this, infection of 72 students has been confirmed.

    Similarly, the transition of 11 students and eight teachers in a government school in Jind district has been confirmed. This brought the officials of the Department of Education and Health into the can.

    Later the government issued orders to close the concerned schools for a week.

  • The government ordered an inquiry into all teachers

  • After confirmation of the transition of teachers and students in the schools of Rewari and Jind, the government issued a corona inquiry order in all private and government schools.

    The Health Department has decided to intensify the testing ever since the corona cases have appeared in schools.

    Health department officials say that cases of corona infection are on the rise again and along with it, the death rate has also increased.

  • reaction

    Rules should be strictly followed – Education Minister

  • Haryana Education Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar said that the schools where corona infection cases have been reported have been closed for two weeks. The criteria for wearing masks and social distancing in schools should be strictly followed.

    He said that the entire system cannot be shut down due to corona. Rules will be strictly followed to prevent infection. Tests are also being conducted in all schools.

  • Corona rules are being followed in school operation- Yadav

  • After the cases of infection in schools Government of Haryana Jawahar Yadav, spokesperson of the said that rules are being followed when the school opens. Students are being called in with masks and social distancing.

    However, it is not necessary that all children attend school. It depends on the parents whether they want to send the children or not. Attendance in schools is also very low. Not all students are coming to school.

  • Other states

    Cases of infection in schools have come up in these states

  • Let us tell you that on November 5 in Andhra Pradesh before Haryana, more than 200 teachers and students Infection confirmation Had happened. After that, the government ordered to close schools and carry out investigation operations in all schools.

    Similarly on 8 November Himachal Pradesh Of A school in Mandi district Infection of 67 children and 25 staff personnel was confirmed. The government then isolated all the infected.

  • This is the condition of corona infection in India and Haryana

  • In India, 38,617 new cases of infection have been reported in the last 24 hours and 474 patients have died.

    in country Total number of infected 89,12,907 and 1,30,993 of these patients have died. The number of active cases comes to 4,46,805.

    Similarly, the number of infected cases reached 2,07,039 with 2,562 new cases in Haryana. Of these, 2,093 patients have died and 1,85,403 patients have been cured.

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