Haryana: BJP will bring no-confidence motion against JJP government- Bhupendra Singh Hooda

  • The BJP-Jananayak Janata Party (JJP) government of Haryana is not taking the name of ending the problems.

    From Dadri in support of farmers protesting against the first agricultural laws Independent MLA Sombir Sangwan Withdrew support from the government and now the Haryana Congress has announced a no-confidence motion against the government.

    Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition for this Bhupendra Singh Hudda Has demanded the Governor to call an emergency session of the Assembly.

  • What is a no confidence motion?

  • A motion of no confidence is a mechanism through which the opposition proves in the assembly that the current government does not have legislators to retain power. A motion of no confidence takes place to oust any government from power.

  • Government has lost the trust of farmers and legislators- Hooda

  • Leader of Opposition Hooda said that the BJP-JJP government of Haryana has lost the trust of farmers and MLAs. This is the reason that farmers are already opposing the agricultural laws and now three MLAs have also shied away from the government.

    He said that he appealed to the Governor to convene an emergency session of the Assembly to discuss the issues of farmers. In this, he will also bring a no confidence motion against the government.

  • Haryana Government did blasphemy work with farmers- Hooda

  • Hooda said that Government of Haryana Has acted with the peasants opposing the agricultural laws. If the government does not stop the farmers from going to Delhi, does not fire water canons and tear gas shells on them, then this situation might not have come.

    He said that the Congress stands in support of the farmers, but the JJP and Independent MLAs who have reached the assembly with the vote of the farmers are standing in support of the government.

  • JJP and Independent MLA- Hooda enjoying power

  • Hooda said that today the Annadata of the state is on the streets and the JJP and Independent MLAs who take their votes are enjoying power. Some MLAs are adopting double policy and constantly making rhetoric in support of the government and support for the farmers movement, but They are also supporting the government.

    He said that the motion of no confidence in the Assembly will bring the real reality of MLAs and parties with such double role in front of the people of the state.

  • Along with the no-confidence motion, the MSP provision will also be amended

  • Hooda said that in the emergency session of the assembly, the Congress will also bring a no-confidence motion against the government, along with the minimum support price (MSP) guarantee and amendment of the provision of punishment for purchasing below MSP. This will provide relief to the farmers.

  • The background

    Sangwan withdrew support from government

    Sangwan withdrew support from government
  • In support of the farmers, Independent MLA from Charkhi Dadri, Sombir Sangwan, took up the government on Tuesday. Back support Was taken. A day earlier he also resigned as the chairman of the Livestock Development Board.

    He wrote in a letter sent to the Speaker of the Haryana Legislative Assembly that he cannot support a government which is against the farmers and persecutes them. In such a situation, their support should be considered back.

  • JJP demands central government to give written assurance on MSP

  • Let us know that on Wednesday, JJP President Ajay Chautala had demanded the Central Government to give written assurance on MSP to the farmers. He said that what is the problem of putting the government in writing the line about MSP in agricultural laws?

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