Hot water will make the kitchen work very easy, know how. Newsbaits

  • Many people use hot water to wash dishes in the winter season, but do you know that hot water can be useful not only for washing dishes but also for some kitchen works?

    We are not only talking about washing dishes with hot water in winter, but also talking about important works.

    Let’s know again.

  • Kitchen counter cleaning

  • If oil stains have been caused on your kitchen counter due to any reason and they are not getting cleaned, then you should use one spoon of ammonia in hot water for cleaning the kitchen counter.

    This will make your kitchen counter shine a lot and at the same time it will remove dirt, dirt and stench in the kitchen counter.

    If you want, you can clean all the kitchen surface with hot water mixture.

  • Remove labels from utensils

  • Often it is very difficult to remove the labels on the new utensils, however much they may be rubbed, it does not come out.

    However, if you use hot water for this, then it can make your work easier.

    For this, you simply immerse the new utensils in very hot water for a while, then after a few minutes remove the utensils from the water and remove its label.

  • Melt frozen butter or cheese

  • It is very difficult to remove the butter kept in the fridge and apply it on the bread, but you can also make it easy with the help of hot water, but by this we do not mean that you can use butter or cheese in hot water. Put it

    For this, you simply put that knife in hot water so that by using it you can cut butter or cheese easily.

  • Clean the frozen sink

  • Whenever your kitchen sink gets jammed, you should use hot water instead of getting upset at that time because with the help of hot water the sink can open.

    For this you mix a little vinegar in very hot water and put it inside the sink hole. With this mixture, the dirt accumulated in the sink will come out of the sink pipe comfortably and your sink will recover without a plunger.

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