How long will the corona virus vaccine reach the common man?

  • Started last year from china Corona virus Epidemic Vaccination seems to be the only solution to avoid.

    So far, there are no indications that this dangerous virus will disappear from the world on its own. Therefore, the eyes of the entire world are focused on the companies making the vaccine.

    Apart from this, another question remains in the minds of people. The question is, how long will the vaccine reach the common man?

    Come, let’s know the answer.

  • Corona vaccine

    Many countries have already ordered vaccine before it is made

  • Given the outbreak of the epidemic and the need for its prevention, many countries have already ordered doses of the vaccine before it is made.

    This includes America, Japan, Canada And countries like India. At the same time, China and Russia have not ordered vaccines from any private company, instead they are dependent on the vaccines of their government companies.

    These two countries have also been giving vaccine supplements to their citizens for the last few months.

  • Corona vaccine

    Most orders came to AstraZeneca

    Most orders came to AstraZeneca
  • Talking about private companies, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca-Oxford University are at the forefront of making the vaccine.

    The highest number of these orders came from the AstraZeneca-Oxford University vaccine.

    India today According to the report, the company has so far received orders for 150 crore doses.

    In India, this company is known as ‘Kovishield’ to the vaccine. This vaccine is expected to be available in India first.

  • Corona vaccine

    Companies have received orders for 280 million doses

  • It is estimated that orders of 280 million doses have been reached with these three companies so far.

    The United States and the European Union have ordered the highest 70–70 million doses. After this, India is third with 50 crores and Japan with 29 crores doses is at number four.

    However, large numbers of dosages cannot protect the entire population from epidemics. This number needs to be seen from the perspective of the population of countries.

  • Corona vaccine

    Japan and Canada order more dosages by population

    Japan and Canada order more dosages by population
  • For example, Canada has ordered 9.6 million doses to all three companies. Given the population, this Canadian order is sufficient.

    Every person needs two doses to protect against infection. In such a situation, the number of dosages is more as per Canadian population of about 3.76 crore.

    Similarly, Japan has ordered 29 million doses. It can cover 115 percent of Japan’s population.

  • Corona vaccine

    India hopes to get 40-50 crore doses by July

  • On the other hand, if we talk about America and England, then these countries have ordered the supplements to be given to their entire population.

    India hopes to have 40–50 million doses by July.

    If we look at the quantity, it is a large number, but it is not enough from the perspective of India’s population.

    Only 20-25 crore people can be protected from the epidemic.

  • Biggest question

    When will the vaccine reach you?

    When will the vaccine reach you?
  • Given the small number of doses to population ratio, the Government of India has formed priority groups.

    After being available under these, vaccines will be given to the health workers, policemen and people associated with essential services on the forefront in the fight against the epidemic.

    Later people in the most threatened age group will get the vaccine. After all these are covered, the number of young and healthy people will come, which may take some time.

  • Corona virus

    What about the worldwide epidemic?

  • The number of corona infections in the world is increasing steadily amid the long wait for the vaccine to become available.

    Around 6.27 crore people have been infected with the corona virus all over the world, while 14.60 lakh have died.

    The most affected are 13.3 million people infected in the US. Of these, about 2.67 lakh have died.

    India is in second place 94.31 million infected Out of this, about 1.37 lakh patients have died.

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