How to identify fake email? Find out in these ways

  • Nowadays most people use various social media platforms. Cases of fraud and cyber attacks are also increasing with the usage.

    While investigating these attacks, it is revealed that most of the hackers make people their victims through fake emails.

    In such a situation, it is very important for people to identify which email is fake and which is not. Here are several ways to do this.

  • Take care of words

  • To identify a fake email, first check the words and sentences written in it.

    See that those words are not spelled correctly. Their spelling must be correct. There is no Gramp Mistake in it.

    Many times hackers write wrong spellings in fake emails and do grammatical mistsake. If the spelling is not correct, then understand that it can be a fake email.

  • Note the companies name

  • Most hackers resort to the names of giant companies. They connect with people by creating fake email IDs and email or message them on behalf of the company.

    If you do not find anything different or right after reading the email, do not accidentally tap on the link in it.

    Always read the first email carefully. If something looks wrong, block that ID.

  • View URL

  • To find the fake email, check the URL it contains.

    For your information, let us know that the URL of the original email always starts with https. If the email is fake, its URL will start with http.

    Keeping this in mind, check the URL first. Only then tap on the link etc.

    This way you will be able to avoid emails sent through hackers.

  • It is necessary to check the attachment

  • Do not make the mistake of opening the attachment in a hurry. Many hackers make people their prey through them.

    For this reason, first see if the attachment in the email is according to the email. If you find anything in the attachment that is not according to the email, do not open it.

    Delete such email and block the ID.

    Thus you can easily avoid fake emails.

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