ICMR chief said – Masks will have to be applied for a long time even after the corona vaccine arrives

  • Corona virus People now accustomed to roam open before the onset of the epidemic Face mask Have to roam around and they are waiting for the vaccine to get rid of it as soon as possible.

    However, Dr. Balaram Bhargava, head of the Indian Medical Research Organization (ICMR), says that even after the introduction of the corona virus vaccine, face masks will be needed and will remain for a long time.

  • Dr. Bhargava said – Masks are like cloth vaccines

  • Speaking in a webinar at King George Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow, Dr. Bhargava said that masks are long-lasting as they act like a vaccine.

    He said, “Masks are like cloth vaccines. We cannot ignore the contribution of masks in preventing the spread of Kovid-19 … The vaccine will not be enough to eliminate Kovid-19. We need health and safety related Rules have to be followed. ”

  • Masks protect those who have been defeated by infection – Dr. Bhargava

  • Explaining the importance of masks, Dr. Bhargava said that they play an important role in protecting those who have been defeated by infection.

    “It may be that the masks never go away. The vaccine will provide some protection, but the mask or cloth vaccine will continue. I don’t think we can eliminate these rules, including social distancing,” he said.

    He ruled out the possibility of a repeat lockdown.

  • “India is making rapid progress on the vaccine front”

  • Regarding the vaccine, Dr. Bhargava said that India This case is progressing rapidly. He said that there are currently five trials of potential vaccines in the country, of which two are from India, while three are foreigners.

    He said that the government has a target of providing vaccine to 300 million people by July next year and the future strategy will be decided only after that.

  • “India to make vaccine for 60 percent of developing countries”

  • Speaking about India’s vaccine production capacity, Dr. Bhargava said, “India will not only make vaccines for itself but also for 60 percent of the developing countries. 24 manufacturing units and 19 companies will be involved in making Kovid-19 vaccine.”

  • What is the condition of corona virus epidemic in India?

  • So far, a total of 93,92,919 people have been found infected with the corona virus in India, while 1,36,696 people have died due to infection. For the past several weeks, less than 50,000 daily cases have been reported in the country, half of the maximum level of 95,000.

    A total of 88,02,267 patients have been cured so far and the recovery rate is 93.71 percent.

    Maharashtra is the most affected state with 18.14 lakh infected and 46,986 deaths.

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