If there is too much salt and pepper in the food, then do these tips

  • If at any time during cooking, more salt or chilli or any other spice is added to it, then the taste of the food is spoiled immediately.

    Too much chilli makes the food spicy, while too much salt makes the food salty. This makes the enjoyment of hard work and the taste of food gritty.

    In such a situation, keeping a few tips in mind, you can save your hard work from being wasted.

  • Ninja Technique to reduce salt from food

  • Often, if the right proportion of salt is found in the food, then due to this, the salt in the pulses and vegetables becomes more. Usually this happens when new learners are learning to cook.

    In this case, peel the potatoes and put them in the lentils and vegetables and remove them before serving.

    Actually, the potato will absorb too much salt in lentils or soups and it will not reduce the taste of food.

  • How to reduce excess salt and pepper in food

  • Normally you must have used flour to make bread or to make snacks, etc. But did you know that you can also use flour to reduce the salt and chilli in the food.

    Whenever there is too much salt and chilli in your gravy vegetable, then add wheat flour to it. Then after some time remove it and serve the dish.

    This will reduce the salinity and pungency of the dish.

  • Put more chili-spices in the dish as normal

  • Whenever there is more chilli-spice in your gravy dish, increase the amount of the main ingredients of that dish.

    For example, if something like this happens while making chicken or mix veg etc., then increase the amount of chicken in the chicken vegetable and the amount of vegetables in the mix veg vegetable.

    In this way the spicy present in the food will be reduced and the taste of the dish will be cured to a great extent.

  • Easy ways to reduce extra pepper in food

  • If there is excess chilli in any of your gravy vegetables, then you can mash the boiled potatoes well. By doing this the sharpness of chilli in the vegetable will disappear immediately.

    In addition, you can reduce the pungency by adding fresh cream, yogurt or cream to the vegetable. This will also increase the taste and reduce the pungency.

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