If you adopt these methods, warm clothes will not deteriorate for long. Newsbaits

  • Many people try hard to keep warm clothes new, but they are unable to do so due to lack of information.

    For example, people wash woolen clothes daily or store them only after wearing warm clothes once, but doing so spoils warm clothes quickly.

    So today we are going to tell you some ways that you can keep warm clothes like new by adopting them.

  • Check which warm clothes to wash at home

  • By this we mean that there are some warm clothes that can be damaged by cleaning at home, so first check which hot clothes can be washed at home.

    After this, if you are washing hot clothes in the washing machine, first set the machine on the Woolen program and then wash all the woolen clothes by mixing appropriate amount of detergent powder in the water.

  • Wash warm clothes by hand like this

  • If you want to wash warm clothes by hand, to do this, first of all, fill a bucket with water and add mild detergent to it.

    After this, soak warm clothes in this water for 20-25 minutes and then wash and dry the clothes.

    However, keep in mind that while washing hot clothes, do not rub too much because excess rubbing makes the hot clothes look dull.

  • It is very important to dry clothes properly

  • Many people have the habit that they like to dry warm clothes in strong sunlight, but doing so is wrong.

    Actually, by doing this, the shine of the fabric starts to fade, so it is better if you put them on a rope in hot sun to dry the warm clothes.

    By doing this, the warm clothes will dry well and the shine of the clothes will not fade.

  • How to store

  • If you want your warm clothes not to come in contact with germs, then for this, clean the place where you are going to store them.

    After this, first put dry neem leaves and then newspaper on this place and keep warm clothes on this newspaper.

    Of course, in such stores, warm clothes will avoid exposure to germs.

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